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Prepare Yourself… For GuestBloggerMania’10!

It’s that time of the year where I take temporary leave of my senses and spend an entire week with hyper, emotional and lovably crazy teenagers (aka “mission trip”), and instead of leaving Bio Break to go fallow over the week, I invited several fellow bloggers to provide posts to fill the time and satiate your hunger for the printed word.

So prepare yourself for GuestBloggerMania’10, where every day brings surprises and will make you pee yourself in excitement!

Also, prepare yourself for some huge bombshell MMO news that’ll drop now that I’m out of town.  My prediction?  Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Broadway Musical.

Also also, happy 4th of July!  *cue patriotic music and fireworks*

5 thoughts on “Prepare Yourself… For GuestBloggerMania’10!

  1. Well, we *do* have something of a bombshell with Blizzard’s most blatant invasion of privacy move to date…

    Syp, that’s just weird. Fun, but weird. 🙂

  2. Dude, every time you go away… EVERY time…

    If you ever decide to take a whole month hiatus I think the world might end.

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