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/AFK: New Experiences Edition

Although nobody ever said anything, I’ve always felt bad about letting /AFK lapse on Bio Break.  It was my weekly attempt to highlight the awesome writing that my fellow bloggers do all the time.  Unfortunately, it just got to be super-stressful and time-consuming; my RSS reader numbers well into the multiple hundreds, and every morning I log on to see 500+ new posts.  Granted, a lot of those are for work (Massively) and not necessary reading, but on any given day MMO bloggers will account for 100-200 new posts to read.  That’s a lot to even just skim, although I do my best to stay up to date with it all.

So instead of reintroducing all of that stress, I’d rather bring back /AFK in a slightly different incarnation — a “whenever” column in which I’ll post a handful of blogs who are talking about the same thing, same game, etc.  I want to continue to give all of these excellent bloggers props, so here goes nothing.

Today’s topic is trying out new MMOs:

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