20 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

  1. Where did you find this? And I agree with Murren, good to see it on the opposite gender of normal.

  2. I went to Gamescom on Saturday and after seeing some booth babes in bikinis (most of them at least got to wear hotpants but let’s not talk about their Go-Go dancing), I talked about that with my boyfriend: Why aren’t there good-looking guys in sexy outfits around for the women to look at? Equality, please! 😉

    That armor is quite cool. Even if just to show how… impractical it would be. ^^

  3. Oh my, oh my, oh my…

    …now if we can have him run around like that toon from that Tera video sample an article down. Though his cape needs to be considerabley shorter for the full effect. ❤

  4. People never get it though. A woman can make that armor look good: nothing a man can do can make that armor look anything but ridiculous.

    That’s the real reason you don’t see armor like that. Not so much the nudity but because it’s impossible even for the women not to chuckle at it.

  5. Dblade has a point here, can you imagine imagine your big Tauren warrior or Chaos Chosen wearing THIS? *chuckles*

  6. Wow, that picture manages to be hilarious, deeply disturbing, and yet somehow profound all at the same time.

  7. It looks like he was smart enough not to use actual shiny metal.

    It doesn’t look like he’s got much of a base tan. As the previous victim of a brass bikini, I can tell you that the hidden danger of this armor choice is that the sun reflects onto those portions of skin that have not seen sunlight perhaps ever. This can result in incredibly painful sunburns, in places that you can’t adequately aloe up. And once the burn wears off, oh, the peeling skin…


  8. I think you are being unfair on this guy. I mean if you only had one tiny piece of armour plating where would you put it?

  9. Kudos to that guy for having the guts to wear that outfit in public. It demonstrates quite graphically just how ludicrous those outfits are.

    Now I’m going to go stare at that TERA video Syp posted . . .

  10. Dunno about *completely* useless armour.

    I’ve got a defensive hole right where the armour plate is on the right shoulder, and those top of shoulder plates will stop a lot of down cuts. Likewise, the side-of-neck playes will stop a Destraza Movemement of Conclusion pretty well.

    I can think of armour I like better, but if it’s a choice between that and no armour, it’s less tasteless than about three-quarters of the plates in Paulus Hector Mair.

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