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God bless Atari 2600 box art!

Shotgun America pointed me to a trio of articles (one, two, three) showcasing the ridiculously awesome Atari 2600 box art — which was almost always hand-drawn illustrations of the fantastic variety — compared with the actual game graphics.  I recall so many of these covers like it was yesterday (times thirty years).

I felt bad that my kids will never see video games progress from the stone ages as I did, so I’ve formulated a plan.  We will purchase a 70’s era TV, hook up my 2600, and deny them access to the outside world.  Every year, I’ll advance the game industry for them by five years or so, until they’re caught up.

Now who’s up for a game of Frogger?

4 thoughts on “God bless Atari 2600 box art!

  1. My 9-yr old daughter’s favorite game is Frogger. The PS1 version. I still can’t figure that out.

    She does like Free Realms also, at least.

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