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Nimrodel? Chop off the last two letters, then you’re on target.

I’m in a bit of a halfway house in LOTRO at the moment.  While I’ve achieved a high enough level and given myself permission to head out of Moria to the east side of the Misty Mountains, I still have business in the underdark (such as a lot of epic book quests to finish), and thus I find myself traveling back and forth, just like Frodo did.  Actually, I can’t imagine the Fellowship escaping Moria by the skin of their teeth, then encountering a NPC who politely asks them to go back inside to deliver a message or perhaps a queche.

In any case, everyone who blogs about this moment in their LOTRO experience — particularly their first time through Moria — always expresses the same feeling of relief and happiness to have Moria at their backs and a beautiful forest spread out in front of them.  Good times.

Oh, did I mention that said forest is full of elves who, despite everything I’ve ever done for Middle-earth up to this point, will plug me with arrows if I go too far into their precious trees?

It gets better: there are a group of semi-friendly elves (although some of the girl elves have incredibly low voices which made me take a step or two back) who will give you quests so that you can earn admission into their awesome Disneyland kingdom.  So I’m asked to grovel before them, doing menial work — including collecting “orc filth” — until I’ve proved that I’m as whipped as a puppy dog.

And to prove how utterly sadistic and evil these elves are (like all elves), several of the quests are riiiiight by the unmarked Death Zone Line.  Groveling, check.  Killed by elves while doing what the elves asked me to do, check.

Seriously, Turbine, where is the freaking option to side with Sauron and go all Terminator on Lothlorien?  Why do you have to enforce the elf stereotype of this race being the biggest group of arrogant, elitist nimrod(el)s in the world?  And why am I shoehorned into doing their bidding without any other option?

Elves: your day of reckoning is coming.  I’ll do your dirty work… for now.  But I wouldn’t sleep if I were you.

(Can’t wait to get to Mordor.  No elves in Mordor.  Gotta be the happiest place on earth.)

11 thoughts on “Nimrodel? Chop off the last two letters, then you’re on target.

  1. I got the rep to enter lorian but didn’t realize you have to talk to the NPC to get the trait that grants you access. Arrows flew at me from all directions & my poor dwarf RK was killed.

  2. Just wait till you get into Lothlorien. Those Elves are all worried about nasty orcs and goblins so they ask you to spend several days meditating, collecting flowers and singing to trees because that will surely fix it.

  3. Just don’t go past any sentinels…they should give you some text warning about not entering. As for the rep gating, well, it makes sense. Lothlorien didn’t admit any old stranger and this is a way to acknowledge the books. I don’t mind having to work to get into Lothlorien and Caras, especially as it’s an xp goldmine.

  4. Yes, there should be an option to side with Sauron or at least enforce the historical hatred of dwarves vs the tree-huggers

    Strongly suggest reading “Giantslayer” and “Elfslayer”, in the Gotrek & Felix series for some good ole elf hating

  5. lol, you actually make it sound as if I should try this game sometime. I have a friend that’s been nagging me forever, but I keep telling him I don’t like hobbits. but in the absence of any other options…just tell me one thing, do you have to fight worms in this game??

  6. @Syl-Yes there are worms.

    @Syp-FYI if you complete the epic quest 2.6.8 you automatically are given enough Lothlorien rep to enter it. So if you do the Moria epic quests up to that point before leaving Moria you won’t have to do the rep grind.

  7. If it makes you feel any better, once you are allowed access to Lothlorien you will find it was worth it. To me it is once of the most beautiful areas in all of Lotro.

    And yes, after I finally was leave Moria it was like a breath of fresh air. And when someone told me to go back into Moria I said, “you need to go jump in a lake”.

  8. The best is that you can actually be an ELF CHARACTER and select the “from Lorien” racial background and your OWN PEOPLE will still shoot you dead for attempting to come home.

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