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Assorted Thoughts on Star Trek Online

I haven’t spent gobs of time in STO lately, mostly because I’d been working like a madman on a couple LOTRO projects.  So yesterday I reacquainted myself with the crew of the Harbinger and pushed to finally break out of Lt. Commander and into the Commander sphere.

Getting a new ship is a major reward factor in this game, although I’m still dismayed that Cryptic is reserving the best high-end ships for strictly Cryptic store purchases.  I may play their game, but this still rankles me.  I’ve read a lot of interviews with Cryptic where they almost act bewildered that players call them greedy, and I want to point to stuff like this and go, “Here.  Here is why you’re greedy.  No matter how long I subscribe to your game, I can’t get these awesome ships unless I pay extra.”

That aside, my new heavy cruiser rocks.  It’s interesting that this tier of cruisers are the four-nacelle variety, and, as always, I enjoyed playing mix-and-match with different variants to come up with a semi-unique look.  I also have a weird weapons build.  Cruisers are slow as pigs in mud, so I’ve been focusing on weapons that don’t require you to turn quickly — in this case, turrets (360-degree firing) and mines.  I have four turrets on my ship right now, and when I go into combat it’s like I open up with machine gun fire every time.  It really looks neat, especially if you’re bored (as I am) of the long lines of regular phaser/disrupter/whatever beams.  So I don’t worry about maneuvering as much, and just charge into battles like I’m a gunship, and let them fly around me while I rip them to shreds.

Ground combat’s gotten a bit more frustrating, especially when the enemy groups have two medics (healers) among their ranks.  It’s very, very hard to DPS a medic down when the both medics are healing him, and I’ve had fights stretch on way too long because of this.

Otherwise, I’ve mostly been doing either patrol or episode missions… everything else seems kind of dull, and I haven’t found a good fleet action at my level that is exciting.

7 thoughts on “Assorted Thoughts on Star Trek Online

  1. this is why I’ve been saving up my CStore points from pre-orders. Rather than splurging them on shiny costumes and pets. Despite me WANTING to get them, thy cynic in me knew that cryptic would pull this crap at some point, so that if I did decide to play more I wouldn’t be left out and I wouldn’t have to pay more.

    Sadly, they’ve proven me right.

    God help Neverwinter.

  2. Could be worse Syp. Remember the crafted travel powers in CO? Buying them at the C-store would have been better than grinding.

    I can’t blame them though. It seems like people have this odd notion that they should pay the same price they did for games ten years ago while the costs of making those games exploded. C-Store is not as bad as some F2p games out there.

  3. @dblade correct me if im wrong, but didn’t DAOC cost around 10 dollars in subscription fee when it went online. So i would say that prices has indeed gone up the last 10 years. The problem is more the fact that there are few games these days that are worth more than 15 dollars per month.

  4. Yeah, the focus on the C-Store rankles me, too, but there are some new, free ships. The Commander-tier Excelsior can be purchased with energy credits (so, if you have the EC, you could fly that bad boy right now!), and the Galaxy-X and Excelsior aside, the new refits can be purchased with in-game merits, and you get get one free upon getting to Vice Admiral. It isn’t perfect, but that’s the way this cookie has crumbled.

    And yes, ground combat is damn annoying against medics. But I was starting to get really tired of the Klingons and their damn melee.

  5. Syp wrote:

    “Here. Here is why you’re greedy. No matter how long I subscribe to your game, I can’t get these awesome ships unless I pay extra.”

    This is why I would never touch that game with 100 meter pole…even if it was the most spectacular game on the market.

  6. I’ve been playing STO a little and it’s not a game that’s captured my attention, I’m sad to say. It’s incredibly mediocre and, although it has some nice features, some of the stuff is very annoying (the ship example being one).

  7. I just cancelled my account once again. It’s a game I really WANT to love, but I can’t just too many problems with it.

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