Bargain Bin Posts Week!

Like many of my fellow bloggers (I assume), I’ve started far more posts than I ever published in my career here at Bio Break. Sometimes I just haven’t found a way to finish the thought, but most times it’s because I simply lost interest in the topic halfway through.

As a result, I have a staggering four pages’ worth of half-finished articles that have been stuck in limbo for months, if not years at this point.

That ends this week.  This week I’m going through all of my drafts and either applying a quick finish to the articles and then posting them, or deciding that they’re best never seen by human eyeballs at all (and then deleting them).

Of course, this comes with a huge disclaimer: You’re going to read a lot of crappy writing this week.  I’m sorry.  It’s not my best, that’s for sure, but it may be interesting.  I don’t even know all of what lurks in this draft folder, but I’m interested to find out.  So take my hand, grab your emergency towel, and let’s find out together.  Tallyho!

7 thoughts on “Bargain Bin Posts Week!

  1. Cool! I usually delet mine because I get sick of looking at them, and I don’t have the will to complete them. This is a good idea though, especially with perhaps some tutorial commetary as to why it wasn’t finished?

  2. @ Ravious — That’s a good idea. The reason I didn’t finish this is because I lost my train of thought how I’d do a MMO without a player-to-player economy, but it was an intriguing notion.

  3. I have several articles in half-finished form. Some I want to finish, some I should probably toss out.

    Maybe I’ll hit them all for Spring cleaning next year. 😉

  4. I’ve been tempted to post some of my half-finished posts from time to time.

    Maybe we can declare a “post amnesty” day when we can all put up posts that never quite made it to completion.

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