Picture of the Day

What you’re looking at here is an honest-to-God line that’s formed outside of Strider’s room in the Prancing Pony, because access to the room borked and nobody could get in to continue their Volume 1 Book 1 quest.  Lots of frustrated folks, indeed.

6 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

  1. wow that is amazing, even if it is caused by a bug. I have noticed so many people playing recently that I’ve had to wait in line for bosses in low level areas to reappear. This has never happened to me before and frankly I find it refreshing. It’s nice to see so many people playing the game now. I hope it keeps up.

  2. Did Sype bash his way through to the front of the line? I can’t see that ol’ crab waiting patiently, I bet he was talking a lot of smack too.

  3. Brings to mind an early experience I had in WoW. I had to wait in a line to take down a quest boss in the Tauren starting zone.

    I hated it.

    Much of the wonder and potential I saw in a virtual world melted with that experience. The Game hit me full in the face and punted the World so far back that it’s never quite recovered.

  4. I had a kin mate who was having the same trouble awhile back. I just figured he was lost in the inn. Did not know it was bugged.

  5. Strider having private sessions in his room now? Or did Arwen swing by the inn, hanging a “do not disturb” sign on the door on her way in? 😉

  6. As long as folks are patient and respectful it’s all good. It’s when people constantly try to rush the door on the chance that someone coming out may “open a spot” for them to get in that tempers get raised.

    I started playing this weekend with my son. In the starting area we got the quest to kill the Spider Boss in the Spider Caves east of Archet. We’d already been inside the cave for the pre-req quest so I got us to the Boss’s room pretty quickly, but on the way we played leapfrog with another player as we all cleared the trash spiders on the way in. We got to the Boss’s room first but the Boss was conspicuously absent, obviously having been killed shortly before our arrival.

    The other player ran around the room, outside, back in again, back out, then back in again, and figuring he was on the same quest, and not wanting to have him Ninja Tag the boss on us I invited him to our Group. The Boss respawned, the Boss died, and we left the cave…well my son and I did. The other guy stayed behind. Hmm. When we turned in the Spider Boss quest the other guy was still in the Spider caves. He hadn’t said a single word during the several minutes we’d spent in the same Fellowship (then again, neither had the boy and I, on account of us being on Vent) so I quietly kicked him out of the Fellowship and we made our way down to Bree.

    In the woods around Bree we would run into similar situations where we’d either kill a Boss only to have someone else run into the area, or we ourselves would arrive just as someone else killed the Boss, but that’s all part of playing an MMO.

    I played LOTRO a few years ago, shortly after release, and was not overly impressed, but now it’s definitely a game worth paying for. Which is why I just bought two copies of Mines of Moria for the boy and I for 2x$10 on Amazon. We get 1 month of VIP then a permanent upgrade (from F2P) to Premium Status. That’s a damn good deal in my books.

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