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Picture of the Day

IMVU: Topical!  Exciting!  Slightly forbidden!

Idiotic Twilight reference aside, what really amused me about this ad is that it says “Find Your Bella” — not “Find Your Edward”.  So I’m guessing that this is marketed to guys, with the implied message of “Are you looking for a girl to bite to death during a solar eclipse?  IMVU is your place, as long as you have feathered hair and can pretend to be a brooding vampire!”

Also, you don’t need IMVU to find your Bella.  Hot Topic has you covered.

6 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

  1. OMG Does anyone actually find Bella slightly attractive????

    I have absolutely no idea why the vampires find this mopey, limp wristed, pale, boring character interesting at all.

    Edward has the choice of any teenage girl in the world, and chooses… that?

  2. If I was an immortal vampire, capable of inhuman strength, speed, and sparkle, I would be fighting crime or something suitably awesome. Not hanging around a high school in a perpetually raining town named after a eating utensil.

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