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/AFK — Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid! edition

Kool-Aid: It’s most likely poison for the mind and the body, so don’t drink it.  But if you did, your eyes would become open to the most wonderful, magical things, so maybe you should?  Either way, count down the 10 most interesting posts I’ve read this past week:

  1. Wadstomp refuses to drink the Kool-Aid and tell everyone how wonderful WAR is.
  2. What can Tesh afford? A lot.  What will he buy?  Very little.
  3. KTR thinks the Masquerade bites, sucks and drools.
  4. MMO Reporter thinks Game Crush is just… well, it’s something.
  5. Permadeath may be coming to World of Darkness, and Ardwulf is prepared for the worst.
  6. Ferrel… I love you, man.
  7. We Fly Spitfires has a few words about the Skaven addition to WAR.  Some of these words have more than one syllable!
  8. Headstarts != launches in Game By Night’s eyes.
  9. Elder Game says it as plain as he can: Bobby Kotick is a jerk.
  10. Player vs. Developer pits LOTRO’s F2P plan against EQ2X’s!

3 thoughts on “/AFK — Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid! edition

  1. Thanks for the link! I should probably note that I actually do wind up buying games, probably more than I can realistically play for the next few *years*… I just don’t pay for time. I buy products, not services. 😉

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