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/AFK – Sympathy for the Devil edition

Does the devil need our sympathy at this point?  What with the whole “trying to drag our souls down to hell to burn” thing, you’d think that would be a major obstacle for his PR department to overcome.  QQ more, prince of darkness!

Your after-dinner mint post: A Riddle

2 thoughts on “/AFK – Sympathy for the Devil edition

  1. Thanks for the mention on your website. We have been a bit afk ourselves – busy weekend with the actors and actresses who portrayed Gowran, General Martok, Quark, Gul’Dukat, and the Duras Sisters sisters in town.

  2. Because who doesn’t love Bio Break on a 61-inch screen?!

    Thanks for the link; hope everything’s going well in Sypster land. 🙂

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