Sallying Forth in LOTRO

First of all, a picture from our sponsor, the Blackwold gang:

They may seem fearsome in combat (well, at least fearsome cannon fodder), but the Blackwolds have a social life too!  They sing, they dance, and they huddle in miserable caves wondering if evil will ever pay off.  Say what you will about hobbits, but the know comfort.

Also, this picture kind of amused me that these knaves were singing about their sworn enemy.  I wonder if Al Qaeda ever gets down and funky to Yankee Doodle Dandy?

Anyway.  So I’ve fallen into complete despair about ever snagging a skeleton horse from the harvest festival after trying daily for weeks to get one, and I’m tired of just standing in one spot for the convenience of the log-in-log-out four-character blitz.  As such, my captain has resolved to get some fresh air and progress through Volume 2, Mirkwood and Enedwaith.

My awesome kinship made a point to help me get through 2.6.8, one of those fellowship quests I could never find a group for — so a shout-out to Azz Buttercheeks, Goldenstar, that one guy, the girl, and Professor whats-his-face.  Honestly, I’m horrible with names.  But they do rock.  So now I’m hip-deep in book 7 with Mirkwood in sight, and hopefully that’s enough to get this marathon chugging once more.

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