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I have looked into the eye of true insanity…

…and it is the homepage of Gaia Online.

Share with me.  For it is dark and sweet and purple down here, and we wish to laugh without mouths.

Question: Could the sign up button be bigger?  Why yes, yes it could, but that would be tacky.

I dare you to use the phrase “Experience the satisfying tactile sensation of clicking this glorious button today” in a normal conversation and see if you don’t have the room to yourself afterward.

So… either they’re going for very obscure goofy charm — hey kids, it’s a Native American with a boombox! — or they’re plainly out of their gourds.  Which one is it?

A Village Person talking about clicking and peeing?  Nothing insane here, move along!

I… um… what?  Is that slang for drugs?

Congrats, Gaia Online.  I have not the words.

16 thoughts on “I have looked into the eye of true insanity…

  1. “Whenever a button isn’t pressed, an angel gets a hernia.”


    I think I need to go have some diahrrea now….

  2. Almost makes me wish for right proper British MMOs so we can get that particular viral strand of humor in the market.

  3. Suddenly the following words are popping in my head “All your base belongs to us….” ?!! Sounds like a bad chinese translation to me… 😉

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