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Bio Break’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Telling RIFT and TERA Apart

It’s come to our attention that two upcoming fantasy titles, RIFT (aka “Rift” and “Rift: Planes of Telara” and “Rift: Shut Yo’ Mouth”) and TERA (aka “TERA Online” and “The Exiled Realm of Arborea”), are being confused with each other.  We’ve noticed this happening quite often, most likely because (a) both are good-looking fantasy titles with non-descript IPs, (b) both have four-letter names and “Telara” sounds a bit like “TERA”, and (c) because we collectively have the attention span of squirrels.

Ooh!  Acorn!

So in the spirit of clearing up the air, here’s Bio Break’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Telling RIFT and TERA apart:

  • Rift is a Western MMO being developed by Trion Worlds
  • Tera is an Eastern MMO being developed by Bluehole Studio
  • Both games are slated to hit North America in 2011
  • Both games are using a standard retail box + subscription business model
  • Rift is best described as a really well-done WoW-slash-WAR clone that has great emphasis on PvE
  • Tera is best described as Aion meets Final Fantasy
  • Rift’s big hooks are its mix-and-match class building system and dynamic world events and invasions
  • Tera’s big hook is action (button mashing) combat
  • Tera’s females are typical soft porn anime dolls and it’s very possible you will be sent to jail by the FBI if you play it in view of anyone else
  • Rift does not send you to prison.  It gives you a good game instead.


22 thoughts on “Bio Break’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Telling RIFT and TERA Apart

  1. Um, guys… it’s a blog. Let the man be biased!

    Especially after Aion. I was excited for that game before I found out what a letdown it’s 25+ game was. Frankly, the fact that TERA is so much like Aion has me pretty disinterested.

    Curious on the WAR clone comment, Syp. Are you referring to art style or are they putting RvR in there somehow?

  2. Chris is right. It is a blog and let him have his opinions, though, I think it is far to early to make such a call that TERA will be a bad game or that RIFTS will be a good game.

  3. Let’s go a step further — TERA will cause the end of the universe, but RIFT will begin a whole new one!

  4. @ Chris — Mostly art style, plus the Public Quests-as-Rifts event structure. Gives a very WAR-like vibe.

  5. Rift: Same old, Same old game that people are latching on to because they secretly suspect both TOR and GW2 will suck hard, and virtually every other potential release has disappeared from public view (copernicus, the secret world.)

    Tera: Game that looked a lot better before most of us played Aion and realized what exactly a Korean sub mmorpg entails. Has a nice anime style that worries even anime fans with the inclusion of Popori females.

    Yeah, it’s a no win here.

  6. Syp: Have you had any experience with these two games first-hand? Or are the assertions of quality presumptive only? To be clear, I’m not being inflamatory, just genuinely curious as I’m not keeping up on the progress of either, so don’t really know where each of them are in the dev/testing stage.

  7. It’s good to be optimistic about these things,
    Rift seems to be gathering a quiet following. I’ve had a few friends tell me I should look into it some more
    Tera does seem to be following the Aion route, but who knows, maybe they will do it better.
    I’ve heard some negativity for TOR after the first demo testing, but I doubt there is much that will hold it back,
    And I’m yet to hear anything bad concerning GW2 from a credible source (top of my list for upcoming titles)

  8. Maybe I’m blind – or maybe it’s just that I’m not a TERA fanboy – but I don’t see any assertions of quality in this blog post.

    Just a gentle “zing!” at TERA for it’s fairly lurid depictions of female avatars. Which, let’s be honest, is a major selling point for the game, so pointing it out could be seen as pointing out a positive feature, not a negative one.

  9. I can’t get over seeing that video of Tera with some tween female character racing around with an ultra-mini skirt bent over with her panties in plain view as she moves. That alone will intrigue me to play it, and also probably get me questioned by the police.

    Rift is looking good, beta is less than 2 weeks away, hooray!

  10. “Let’s go a step further — TERA will cause the end of the universe, but RIFT will begin a whole new one!”

    If you’ve read Buffy season 8 (warning; spoilers!) then you know that second part isn’t a good thing. :p

    As for the topic; can easily tell them apart, but not really interested in either one.

  11. Thanks for the help dude. I have been, disinterestedly following both games for a while now, and it was getting increasingly difficult to set the two apart. Here’s a question: which one are you looking forward to more?

  12. Before I get to outlining some alternative interpretations of some of your points, I’d just like to say that I’m not particularly interested in either of these games in the face of MMOGs that look set to absolutely decimate them. You know the ones: Guild Wars 2, Jumpgate: Evolution, The Secret World, Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Darkness, etc. It also doesn’t help that neither of these two fantasy MMORPGs is looking to truly set itself apart from others in the genre. They’re both mostly more of the same.

    * Rift is best described as another World of WarCraft clone with an emphasis on PvE and a touch of Warhammer Online.
    * TERA is best described as an Aion clone with a sprinkle of Street Fighter.

    * Rift’s big hook is its dynamic world events system, which seems rather stale in comparison to ArenaNet’s (Guild Wars 2) take on it. There’s also this mix-and-match class building thing that they’ve been hyping to death, but that isn’t all too original because MMORPGs like Fury, Guild Wars and Chronicles of Spellborn already featured comparable mixed-ability systems.
    * TERA’s big hook is actually making combat in a fantasy MMORPG engaging. This isn’t very original either, because numerous free-to-play Asian MMORPGs have already done this (e.g.: Vindictus).

    * TERA features character designs aimed at Japanese teenagers who drool at the thought of another Ikkitousen anime. It also features properly lit environments, captivating scenery and actual colors.
    * Rift doesn’t have any (proper) art direction and suffers from the all-too-common “Lighting and Environmental Design Deficiency” (LEDD) also seen in games like Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Gears of War and Warhammer Online. Under-illuminated gray landscapes != attractive or realistic.

    * Neither game has been released yet so any remarks concerning the quality of the gameplay in either title are effectively rendered null and void. That being said, neither game looks to be anything special from what I’ve read, heard and seen thus far, in my opinion.

    And in response to some of the other comments: referring to TERA’s art style as ‘anime’ sounds more than a bit ignorant to me. Ragnarok Online is also considered to have an ‘anime’ art style, but these two games couldn’t be further apart in terms of design. RO is this cutesy game that has characters with oversized heads, cuddly monsters and highly stylized environmental design. TERA is this action-packed game with nearly nude ladies, barechested men, deadly looking – huge – monsters and rather believable environmental design (for a fantasy world). So referring to a game as having an ‘anime’ art style really doesn’t mean anything: there isn’t a singular identifiable art style attached to that term.

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