I’m promoting you to… Captain!

For no particular reason, other than I was just thinking about it while going about a series of Mirkwood tasks with my Captain, here are ten reasons I am a huge fan of this class:

  1. If you know my tastes in MMO classes at all, you’ll be on board with the fact that I always pick hybrid classes 9 times out of 9, at least as a main.  I’d rather be doing a lot of everything rather than a few things spectacularly well, and the Captain exemplifies a hybrid’s nature — he’s a tank, a healer, a pet-handler, a plate-wearer, a buffer and even a DPSer depending on the situation.
  2. And speaking of pets, although the heralds won’t have the Enemy quaking in his boots, it is cool to have them — and be able to swap between them.  With a herald, I never feel alone in my journey.
  3. Did I mention my herald is a sword-and-bow-wielding ghost?  Forget little kitty-cats and teddy bears — I have freakin’ Casper on my side.  Wait, Casper doesn’t sound that terrifying.  Bruce Willis?  Yeah, that’s better.
  4. I have high survivability.  Heavy armor plus (if needed) a shield is already a huge boon, but I can top that off with limited self-healing and 25 seconds of true invincibility if needed.  I like not feeling squishy, for once.
  5. Captains are always welcome in groups, and nobody frets if there are more than one of them.  In fact, if we do have multiple Captains, then we can provide a much wider range of buffs and heals.
  6. Through buffs, weapons and heralds/standards, I can shift my character from defensive to offensive, heal-happy to power-regen-happy.  In other words, I can adapt for different situations depending on what’s needed.
  7. I love “on defeat” skills, because they’re always useful, and we get four of them (a heal, weapon speed buff, quick stun blast and a party rez).
  8. Captains get the opportunity to be saviors of the group with the combination of invincibility + “I’ll take a chunk of your incoming damage onto myself” skill pairing.  It makes one feel like a hero.
  9. I get a huge range of weapon choices — pretty much everything except for double-wielding and bows.  I have a nice sword-and-shield combo for tougher fights, and a big nasty two-hander sword for every day use.  However, spears and halbreds are great fun, and I kind of dig Captains who I see using axes.
  10. I seriously feel tough.  I kick any mobs that start inducting spells, I can switch to healing without worrying about the enemy beating on me, and I’ve emerged from insane fights against multiple opponents without dying more times than I can recall.

7 thoughts on “I’m promoting you to… Captain!

  1. I like my Captain for all the same reasons! I’ve been soloing all this time though, and I’m really looking forward to trying out the class in a group situation, and PvMP.

  2. The only thing I don’t like about Captains, is that Man is the only race allowed to be one. Maybe hobbits don’t really suit the class, and elves are obviously too emo to be inspirational, but honestly — what is so game/lore breaking about a Dwarven Captain?? I’d roll me a new captain toon in an instant if I could play a dwarf.

  3. I love and hate captain. I find it incredibly boring solo…the dps is like watching paint dry :P…though I do love the high survivability. I’ve enjoyed main healing some instances but sometimes it gets a bit nervewracking hoping for an on-defeat skill to pop up! But captains definitely excel when the poo hits the fan. That’s when I love it. It’s awesome fun to use your ‘oh poo!’ skills to save a group from a wipe. 🙂

  4. reminds me of WAR’s Disciple of Khaine; could wear plate, did rather good dps with two swords, lots of great healing options; i remember one public quest where my party member died and I had to hold off a Hero boss and 2 champions and came out on top! No other class would ever be able to do that!

  5. @Jomu
    DoKs have never been able to wear plate. Their armour is classed as a Heavy Robe. But they are pretty badass…them and the WPs are OP compared to the other healers WAR has to offer.

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