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Black Friday Sweet Nothings

First up, it’s great to know that Turbine — unlike some of its players — isn’t afraid of descending into a bit of poo humor now and then.

Next, it seems my question on MMOs and social gameplay has spawned a bit of discussion — follow the trail:

And just to clarify a little something about all that: Sometimes I ask questions that just pop into my head, but I have little opinion about, or am trying to sort it out myself.  Trust me, if I wanted to say something profound about it, I would.  I’m a 95% solo gamer, although I do like to group and socialize if there are enough incentives and it’s a good group of people.  I was just wondering aloud, that’s all.

Finally, if you haven’t been checking out Steam for their insane daily deals this week, get thee hence!

2 thoughts on “Black Friday Sweet Nothings

  1. Funny poo humour….strange that it’s coming from a game with GMs that made me change my hobbit’s name from Dingleberry….

  2. @James
    Apologies if I come across as clueless, but why would you even want a name like that for your character? Honestly, I see so many people in various MMOs with names like that (and worse), and I always wonder what they’ve been smoking to want to be known by those sorts of names…

    And loving the Steam sale. So many games going for $12 or less 😀

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