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Okay, let’s talk Turbine’s marketing strategy for the LOTRO Store.  Up until now, I’ve been fine with the balance they’ve struck — I don’t think the store button is that glaring or an eyesore on the UI, the game itself keeps it down to a nudge now or then, and the free points for deeds takes the sting out of requests to check out the store.  I mean, why shouldn’t I?  I’ve got free money to spend!

But this latest update brought a host of new loading screens that are, to put it nicely, tacky as all get out.  The most egregious is above — perhaps it’s tongue-in-cheek, but it’s also a subtle as an elf with a large gold pile shouting at you in all caps to CHECK OUT THE LOTRO STORE!

Particularly if we’re subscribers or lifetime members, we shouldn’t have to sit through ads.  This isn’t helpful info — you can’t spend ten minutes in the game without knowing that the store exists or how to get to it — so it doesn’t need to be thrown in our faces.  LOTRO isn’t about being garish, and this is garish.

Plus, elf.  That isn’t a way to make me want to spend money, unless there’s an option to pay to replace all the elves in the game with gremlins.  I’d be totally for that.  And I’d keep feeding them after midnight.

9 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

  1. While I agree that these new screens can feel like a bit much (especially when logging onto my Warden and I get a screen advertising how I can buy the Warden class), the things that bugged me about this one have nothing to do with the store or elves.

    Finger tips

    I just want to edit the text. 🙂

  2. I just saw this one for the first time today. The other ones I thought made some notion of sense, seeing as it was promoting players to try out the “new and improved” Lore-master and Rune-keeper. Then I saw the Warden one.

    This made me question whether or not they would create a “try this class out” loading screen for every class. Anyway, I do agree that this particular ad is a bit much. I really hope they steer away from stuff like this in the future.

  3. Lol I quite like the elf shopkeeper.

    I do think that Turbine still have a few lessons to learn about basic salesmanship though. Shopping is fun and lots of people like window shopping. If browsing the Lotro store was a more pleasant experience I don’t think they would need to beat us with full screen ads to go there. Why can you only browse so few items per screen? Why can you not see items that your current character isn’t eligible for yet?

  4. Turbine is taking a page from Proverbs 8, Lolcat edition:

    “Wisdom uses ALL CAPS. Understanding iz also uses ALL CAPS. She iz all like “OH HAI” on topz of a hill. She iz rite by teh roadz. She iz in ur cityz, at yur doorz, olwaiz yuzin ALL CAPS. She sez “OH HAI, DOODZ I IZ SPEAKIN TO U, DOODZ – ALL OF YUZ!!!SRSLY. IF YU IZ DUMB YU HAZ TO GET SMRT.

    Divine approval, doodz.

  5. One of my biggest complaints about RMT’s and F2P models is precisely the immersion kill factor. A big real money ad that is shoved in front of your face while supposedly playing an alternate reality your supposed to be losing yourself too. /sigh

  6. This is my biggest gripe with F2P. Subscription models may not be perfect but they at least revolve around the concept of maintain and attracting players through good quality and new content. The F2P model revolves around getting existing players to fork out money for stuff. The motivation for the devs/publishers is completely different depending on the payment model of the MMO and the F2P one is a lot more mercenary.

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