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/AFK: Boxing Day Edition

It’s been a nutty weekend for the Syp family, what with traveling and Christmas and two very small kids who were way too overstimulated by the affair.  But now we’re home, and I’m richer by two Star Wars LEGO sets, a Blu-Ray of The Pacific and a zombie origami calendar.

Welcome the return of /AFK, where we take a look at some of the best posts of the previous week!

  • KIASA – Quick Guide to Festival Raids
    “Stage three begins with all those players who have a Lord Jesus copy close-by receiving the Tender Care debuff, at which point those players are instantly killed as they are taken up to heaven to live with Lord Jesus.”
  • Stylish Corpse – Send It To Me
    “In LOTRO, mailing a packet of tissues is going to cost you half a year’s looting pay, mailing armour is going to give you sticker shock, and you can only mail one item at a time.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — Why don’t you want me to play?
    “At the bottom of the form, Just above the submit button, there’s a little bit of text that evaluates how well you’ve filled in the form. It read ‘Very Poor’. I could almost hear the tut and see the look of disapproval.”
  • West Karana — DDO: The Wight at the End of the Tunnel
    “It’s as if Turbine’s quest scripters had come off a weekend binge that included a half dozen Japanese horror movies, stumbled into work on a Monday with their brain cells still crackling, and wrote what they saw when they closed their eyes.”
  • — Saying My Goodbyes to EQ2
    “As a long time veteran player of the game I am absolutely disgusted by the changes that have taken place, and it is very obvious that the game is no longer for me.”

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