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I think most of us are aware of how MMO studios use the most favorable numbers to show how successful their product is (or, more accurately, how successful they want you to think it is).  There’s no set standard, so we’ve seen everything from “subscribers” to “accounts created” to “characters created” to box sales to concurrency records.

But I don’t ever think I’ve seen this, from Perpetuum:

“The Perpetuum team is very glad to announce that in the short month since the game has officially launched, we’ve reached 15.000 months of sold game time.”

I’m assuming that’s 15,000 months with my rebellious imperial measuring, but still — months of sold game time.  That is new.

6 thoughts on “Statistics!

  1. They’ve sold 15k months. That means they probably have 8k subscribers-ish. (Averaging fewer than 2 months per subscriber. Though, since the game is supposed to be more hardcore, they may have fewer than 8k due to many of the hardcore-est players paying for year-long subs.)

    Perpetuum is supposed to be a hardcore game of eve on the ground, so small sub numbers are not too surprising. They seemed to have embraced a niche audience. I hope they are happy with it.

    Anyone outside of the niche is left thinking “DAMN, that’s a small niche”.

  2. I saw that one today also when I visited the Perpetuum web site. Initially I thought it was a bit odd also, but frankly it is closer to what actually matters to game companies than player numbers – how much money do they get.

    So it should mean that they got 135K+ Euro so far (minus VAT and publisher fees etc). They seem happy to have reached this milestone, so that is good for them!

    Played it a little bit, it certainly seems they have been inspired by EVE. That is a good thing to see more games that try slightly different routes and inspirations from the rest of the MMO pack.

  3. That is an odd statistic, but still better than “15,000-month-subscriptions-worth-of-average-hours-spent-playing-an-online-sci-fi-MMO-such-as-oh-I-don’t-know-Perpetuum.”

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