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Rift: Space Invaders

Rift’s third beta event’s going on for the next few days, although I’m reluctant to dive that much into it before launch — I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m growing attached to my little lightning-spewing dwarf.  But I did log on for an hour or so to check out the new changes, as well as check out the dynamic content more closely.

When I was logged in, there were around 3-4 rifts open at any one time, which seemed like a lot (but then again, I have no idea how many people were in the zone).  I trotted down to a life rift and helped another player mop up the final few mobs, but I guess we were a little slow on the killing spree, because right when we thought the rift was going to close, it spat out an invasion instead.

Invasions are like 6-8 elite mobs (don’t quote me on numbers) with a boss mixed in there somewhere, and because they have 5K health to your 500, it’s a suicidal idea to stand in one’s way without backup.  So I got steamrolled, and fast, then rezzed to follow at a safe distance.

Let me tell you, these rampaging invaders are pretty cool to watch in action.  They definitely have a goal in mind — these portal stone things in the middle of quest hubs — and they chew through anything on their way there.  I saw these guys pause to slaughter a few spiders who wandered too closely, which amused me to no end — EvE combat, finally!  And their carpet effect follows them, changing the terrain in a circle around them with spiffy effects (kind of like the ground is melting).

So they got to the town, and a boss starts setting up a foothold as there were too few of us to stop him.  Once it was set up, the place got even worse, and as we attacked the portal stone, it would pulse on occasion to knock us away.  I thought it particularly cool that when we took out the stone and threw off the foothold, the boss immediately tried to set up another one instead of just vanishing.

Anyway, nothing super-impressive, but I’m definitely liking how much this changes the environment around you.  Nothing seems as safe when a rift or invasion can come along, and there’s some nice incentives to fighting back instead of taking the path of least resistance.

5 thoughts on “Rift: Space Invaders

  1. Fun part is also when two different Rift factions meet.
    Last time, I almost walked on a Fire team fighting a Life team…
    Moreover, you can watch positions and general directions of the Rift forces on your map, which make it look like a real war-plan…

    I can’t imagine how it will look like in the PvP zones (more likely a huge mess…)


  2. With no access to the beta, I’m glad for your initial impressions of beta event 3. I think it would be unfair to ask you to continue playing beta (most because it ruins launch day experiences), but IF you do, i would love to read about what else you found… 😀

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