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/AFK: Broken Resolutions Edition

It’s January 2nd, which means that 80% of you have already broken at least one New Year’s resolution and are now contemplating a jump into a shark pit of shame.  For the 20% of us who are still awesome, we will look at your shredded remains and toast our steadfast devotion to these sacred resolutions.

/AFK means that these Are Freakin’ Kool posts from the past week:

  • The RIFT — On RIFT: Reservations, Concerns, Expectations and Longevity
    “This, and this alone is what reinforced my belief that Trion is sticking to its word, and working their butts off to produce a game that launches with the future in mind. This is what I expect from them, and if – for some odd reason – they don’t fulfill their end of this… I will be the first to admit it.”
  • MMO Gamer Chick — Torn by Rift: Beta Impressions
    “Let’s just put it this way. Rift personified is a refined gentleman, cuts a great figure and has all the right moves, but hang out with him long enough and you’ll find he’s just your regular Joe who likes his joe regular.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — Looting
    “We already accept inventory mechanics in which 100 metal ingots take up as much space as a ring, bears sometimes carry swords and multiple hides but have only a 50% chance to have one leg or tooth on each corpse, gold bars are worth less than gold coins, and gold coins take up no space.”

2 thoughts on “/AFK: Broken Resolutions Edition

  1. I don’t think the revamp is a failure. First off, it’s a lot more fun to play through. Second, we’re still in the stage where people are getting their mains geared/rep/what have you. The alt scene will be quiet for a few more months. Then decide if it works or not.

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