Weird Question of the Day

Help me out with a project I’m working on!  For any EQ vets out there, what was the best — in your opinion — EverQuest expansion?  What would you say most people think is the best expansion?

8 thoughts on “Weird Question of the Day

  1. This comes up endlessly in chat channels in almost every MMO I play.

    My personal favorite was Scars of Velious, with Lost Dungeons of Norrath the runner-up.

    The ones that I hear advocated most commonly in theses discussions are Ruins of Kunark and Scars of Velious. Kunark probably has the edge. I’d say those two would have the absolute lion’s share of the vote between them.

    Planes of Power has its adherents, mostly because a lot of people did like the style of raiding it introduced. Others, though, dislike it a lot.

    Shadows of Luclin gets a very bad press. It launched incredibly badly and a lot of people left EQ then. I was actually playing DAOC through the Luclin launch and by the time I came back to EQ all the major problems had been sorted out, so I have a pretty high opinion of Luclin.

    LDoN is another divisive expansion. Many had some of their best experiences ever in EQ during it’s reign, me among them. I made more friends in those dungeons than in all the time I’d played before, and I learned almost all my dungeoncraft there. Others hated the introduction of instancing and the artificiality.

    The Ykesha expansion, the full name of which escapes me, was a lot of fun, but it was only half an expansion, if that.

    Gates of Discord was probably the most unpopular expansion when it launched. Loads of people left over that one, and as we found out later the entire thing was unfinished and untuned soit wasn’t us it really was them. It’s been somewhat rehabilitated over the years in a rose-tinted kind of way, but it truly was a disaster.

    The next one I quite liked, forget the name. After that they do all tend to merge into one vague memory. I like Depths of Darkhollow and The Serpent’s Spine. The Faydwer one was reckoned to be a big popular success. I’d have to say that I’ve found more than enough in every one to justify buyiong it and many of them I’ve had my money’s worth back ten or twentifold in the amount of time I’ve spent in them.

  2. Can’t really add a lot to that. The original, vanilla EQ was pretty scattershot, very little more than a graphical, 3D MUD. Players took the game and added raiding and the whole social aspect of the game, something Verant was entirely unprepared for. So they made Kunark based on player feedback (we want raids! more social dungeons! more loot! and ferchrissakes, where are the QUESTS?) and with Kunark, set the mold for MMOs from that point forward.

    It was also a time of high GM involvement with the player community; the plot of the game was alive everywhere. Verant even had a specialized Quest Troupe formed just to go from server to server and run lore events.

    My personal favorite expansion was LDoN. With LDoN, SOE (by that time) took a step back from the raiding that had become a real focus of the game after Luclin and PoP, and added instanced 3-6 person dungeons of varying difficulties that dropped decent stuff on their own, gave pretty good xp, and let you save up faction points to buy gear just below raid gear. These innovations were borrowed from WoW, but it was given its own unique expression in EQ. Randomized dungeons meant you were never quite sure what you would be facing.

  3. If you could take EQ after LDoN came out and then somehow remove Luclin, that would still be, in my opinion, the perfect game. It had a great balance of open raids and keyed ones, dungeons to shares, dungeons just for your group, and wide open spaces for people to carve out their own little corners, and even places where people could roam around. If I could have that game, and then a Live team that was allowed to advance the lore, revamp zones Cataclysm style or adding new LDoN camps and keep fresh content for all the levels WITHOUT increasing the size of the world (and thus making it feel more and more empty), I’d be in heaven…

    I almost can’t pick a favorite expansion except to say that I thought Luclin was a piece of garbage, and everything after LDoN only served to make the game worse.

  4. I feel like Scars of Velious was really exciting for the EQ community. There were a lot of people playing the game at the time and EQ was gaining steam. People had seen the potential of expansion packs with Kunark, but Velious seemed to deliver even better. It was prime time for the game, without a lot of other MMOs on the market to compete with. I think timing is what made Velious so good.

  5. Its a tough call for me between Kunark and Velious. I guess id give the nod to Kunark. I loved the story of Kunark, the art was awesome, Iksar, epics, great dungeons, 1-60 content. Velious was great as well though.

  6. Definitely Ruins of Kunark. Maybe it’s nostalgia talking but for me it epitomises what I want from an expansion – ton of new cotent, whole new continent with a unique feel to explore, new and exciting race, more high levels. It was perfect really and I have a lot of fond memories of the game back then like trying to take my level 16 Enchanter (I couldn’t get any higher) to Field of Bone and dying several times during the trip 😛

  7. I’d have to say LDoN was pretty high on the list. Though housing in the last was pretty awesome it was LDoN that I remember the most fondly. It was a great time for dungeon running and I have some wonderful memories. People still ask for a revamp of LDoN.

  8. My favorite expansion was definitely Planes of Power because I loved the raiding in that expansion. The one I hear most people talking about is Velious.

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