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Is the RIFT Collector’s Edition worth it?

Not being a penniless teenager has its advantages, and one of the luxuries I like to give to myself is permission to purchase collector’s editions of games I’m excited about.  Yeah, I know, they’re usually overpriced for what you really get, but I love the feeling of getting all those little “extras”.

So let’s take a look at the three package deals and see what we’re getting for our money:

Digital Standard Edition ($50):

  • Founder’s pricing (including $9.99/mo. subscription if you buy a six-month block)
  • Shrouded Sourcestone Rune (plus endurance/death resist)
  • One of three non-combat pets (Cockatrice Chick, Deep One Spawning, or Hellhound Pup)
  • VIP beta access for the remainder of the closed beta events
  • Head start access (February 24th)
  • 30 days game time

This’ll probably be the same price as the regular retail box, so if you’re planning to play the game you might as well pre-order to get the bonus goodies.  The pets and rune are nice, but the real deal here is the Founder’s Pricing — $9.99/month is a downright steal, and will save you $60 over the course of the year (compared to a $14.99/mo. subscription) if you keep it up.  Plus, who doesn’t want to get into the game early?  While Trion is giving players until March 15th to lock in a founder’s pricing plan, the fine print says that if you change or cancel this subscription,  you can never go back to this pricing, ever.

On the beta front, this is extra-good if you don’t have a VIP code for the beta — and if you get this today, you can get into this weekend’s event!

Digital Collector’s Edition ($60)

  • Everything the regular pre-order version comes with, plus:
  • Backpack increased from 20 to 24 slots
  • Free level 20 turtle mount
  • Bogling Wastrel pet

Here we move into the luxury editions of the game, where players have to determine if their enthusiasm and extra money are worth these items.  Basically, you’re paying $10 more for a bigger backpack, a mount and another pet — a microtransaction rolled in with the total cost.  This is what I ended up going with, mostly just because I like to pamper myself from time to time (not with actual pampers… usually), and my philosophy behind CEs is that they’re a fun way to celebrate the launch of a game.

Out of the three additional items, I like the idea of the free mount the most (all of these pre-order items apply to all of your characters).  Mounts in RIFT aren’t hugely expensive, but they are a cost, and this not only allows you to save up a bit more for future costs (such as the level 40 and level 50 mounts), but a turtle mount is cool in a not-cool way.

However, it’s a close second to get that bigger backpack.  In the beta events, I found my bags filling up awfully fast, and four extra slots will be very helpful from the get-go.

Retail Collector’s Edition ($80)

  • Everything that comes in the above two editions, plus:
  • 8 gig flash drive
  • RIFT soundtrack
  • Mouse pad
  • 128-page comic

In my opinion, this is a real rip-off compared to the other two editions’ pricing.  You’re paying $20 more than the digital CE for, what?  A soundtrack, comic, flash drive and mouse pad?  None of this screams “MUST HAVE!” or even “(must have)”, unless you absolutely are against digital purchases/downloads and want to have that big fat box sitting on your shelf.  It’s kind of disappointing that this edition doesn’t even come with anything else in-game, which wouldn’t really cost the company anything to manufacture.

So did you pre-order?  And if so, what did you choose?


42 thoughts on “Is the RIFT Collector’s Edition worth it?

  1. Do people even use mousepads? I think the last game I got that came with a mousepad was Duke Nukem 3d (my father still uses it).

    I went with the Digital CE. Like you, I saw the 4 extra bag spaces and knew it’d be worth it… plus… 2 headed turtle.

  2. I would choose the DCE. I still have a WAR picture book and figurine that my wife teases me about. I like the digital extra goodies so that if the game tanks I dont have ‘physical’ reminders of why I bought it.

  3. I’m still amazed that people plunk down so much cash for a game that’s not released yet. It’s the same thing as paying for food at a restaurant that hasn’t opened yet. Sure, when you go to McDonald’s you know what you’re getting. They have a tried and true record of what they serve, and there’s no gamble involved. Yes, your fries may be cold, but you can always pop up to the front and get a new one. There’s no return/refund policy for a MMO that has no content beyond the first starting area, or is riddled with bugs as you go through the game.

    Why is this optimism a new trend? Why not let the game stand up for itself first and THEN hop on the wagon? Isn’t that a more fiscally sound plan?

  4. I went with the Digital CE. I couldn’t justify the $80 for the box CE in my mind… Although I DO collect mousepads…

  5. Rancid — It’s a bit of a gamble, sure, but at least for me, I’ve seen what’s in the beta and know that I’m going to be playing it for a while. Optimism does bite ya sometimes, but so does being cynical, and I’d rather be excited about what’s coming up.

  6. DCE for me. I was tempted by the boxed version because of the hardcover comic collection, but without seeing what the quality was… the comics are $2/each digitally via ComiXology, so $8. I’d probably pay $12-$15 for a nice hardcover version. That leaves $5-$8 in value to make up with the rest of the pieces. That’s a fair price for an 8 GB flash drive.

    The big question remains, is that a nice, well printed hardcover or some knock-off flimsy thing. In the end I just decided $60 was better than $80. 🙂

  7. I went with the boxed CE (seems I’m in the minority here…).

    I can always use more portable storage, and (hopefully) the hardcover is at least acceptable quality. The mousepad…meh. But more than that, there’s something special and exciting about opening a real box and unpacking the goodies…I miss that in the Age of Steam, and it’s worth a few extra bucks to me.

  8. On the other hand, a soundtrack CD might be $10 or more standalone, and that size of flash drive currently sells for $20 or so when not on sale. The comic and mouse pad are icing on the cake. If you want the music and a 8GB thumb drive on top of the game, it’s not a bad deal.

    The *buy it now and have cheap subs forever, but only if you’re loyal* bit stinks a bit to me. It’s a rude bit of psychology, but hey, if you know already that you’re going to love the game and play it forever, sure, why not? It’s scratching a similar itch as the lifetime sub.

  9. DCE seems like the way to go. There is zero good reason to get the boxed version. I’m still unsure though if I will get it, since I never got into the Beta and I usually avoid buying games unless I can play them first.

  10. Yeah Syp, I’d rather be excited too. But with all the recent games that haven’t lived up to potential, I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth. It’ll take a bit to get me to love again. 😛

  11. Where do you get the $60 dollar edition? I looked on Amazon and they have the $50 and the $80. I’m at work and can’t look at the rift site.

  12. I went with the DCE. I would prefer the RCE but Probably wouldn’t be able to play at launch because the RCE will probably not be ready to for pick up in my part of Canada even though I live in the second largest metropolitan area of Canada. This is because distributors usually take 2 weeks to get products to stores after it is officially released. This plus the fact that Trion doesn’t seem to be giving a grace period for retail copies so they can play at launch.

    The reason I’m getting the DCE instead of DSE is because I think it’s worth giving Trion a tip for their effort. By buying directly from Trion they are likely to get a larger share of the 60$ I spent. If I could have gotten the RCE from Trion I would have even though there is a good chance I’d end up having to pay custom fees and that 80$ box might turn out to be a 117$ box.

  13. I find those prices quite fair, even the 80$ box.

    This stands true especially for me as a European, used to USD == EUR lately in Games.
    Blizzard started it and now they all chime in. I’m either getting Rift for the Dollar price, digitally, or not all.

    50 USD = 40 EUR, not 50 EUR.

    Only reason I haven’t bought anything in the Blizzard shop besides an Authenticator either.

  14. I originally ordered the box CE from Amazon, but then I realized that, hey, I already have a flash drive and I use a trackball instead of a mouse so I don’t need a pad.

    Thing is, I have all the comic books already, so I don’t need the book either. What I do miss is the CD of Mr. Zur’s music, but I don’t see myself listening to it enough to justify the extra $20.

    So I ordered the DCE directly from Trion, before I found out about the D2D discount. It’s okay, the Trion devs deserve an extra $12 for pizza.

    Why CE instead of regular? It’s all about the bag space, baby. That turtle mount is hideous.

  15. I preordered the regular digital editions for myself and Mrs Bhagpuss. Her comment on the turtle mount was “I don’t like all these mounts” and I agree. What’s wrong with a horse? And what is the thing with turtles anyway?

    I just want to play the game. I’d give up all the freebies and pay an extra $20, maybe more, for a permanent character today. Build the game around me, make me pay for beta, I’m good with all that. I know I want to play and I’d pay to start now.

  16. @Rancid – Is ANY entertainment (read non-essential) purchase “fiscally sound?”

    And isn’t buying the game more like a movie ticket than a meal? (food = essential)

    You see the trailers for a movie (trailer / beta for game) and you can listen to critics’ opinions (blogs / forums), but you still don’t know if you’ll like it ’til you pay up.

    Anyway, I am going with the DCE. I refuse to support EBgames unless there is no other avenue for it. All other options are online or digital themselves.

    I’d rather give Trion my money directly and cut out the middle man.
    (though I would LOVE to get the comic and flash drive if I could)

  17. We are going with one (non-digital) CE and one regular digital edition. We love little lore tie-ins and so wanted to snatch up the combined comics, we actually do use mousepads, and we’re sure we’ll find a use for the 8GB flash drive, since we are frequently doing things like downloading to one computer and then swapping over to the other.

    Most importantly, we like to have the box on the shelf. If we ran out of room we’d just buy another bookshelf :).

  18. The retail value of the package is actually a great deal. Mouse Pad (nicer brand if I remember correctly) $10. 8GB keychain storage $20. CD Soundtrack $10. Package of soft cover Comics is $20. That is a value of $60.

    Now the point of contention comes at personal value, which for me would be nothing as I don’t care for any of those items. If you do the deal is great though.

  19. I caved and got the digital CE today for $47 with the Direct2drive promo. 20% off ain’t too shabby.

    I was hoping for just a beta 4 invite, but I don’t see that happening by tomorrow. I really want to try the game before launch, and if I gotta drop some cash to get in the betas and have a head start, well…so be it.

  20. I went with the Retail Collector’s. I am a sucker for CE’s and I hate digital downloads. I would much rather have a box to actually hold. Plus, the graphic novel will give me something to read when taking the ubiquitous Bio-Break! 🙂

  21. Havn’t ordered it yet. Just got an invite to this weekends’ event, so will see how that turns out first.

    And besides, I really hate that they turn the $ into the € 1=1… as Armagon said.

    Ah well, we’ll see I guess ^_^

  22. I went for the digital CE, and I also got it from Direct2Drive for 20% off (using ‘joker’ as the promo code). With that discount, it cost less than a normal-priced regular version, so yay.

    I didn’t want the physical items, plus the hassle — not to mention expense — of getting it shipped to where I live (SE Asia) would not have been worth it. Plus, I’m not really into comics anyway, and I would rather save that extra money for sub payments. Or another game.

    (By the by, the ‘joker’ promotional code is available worldwide, you just have to make sure to change the little flag thing at the top-right corner of D2D to US.)

  23. @Rancid – So far the game IS standing up for itself. The polish is great and the Customer Service from Trion thus far has been some of the best (if not THE best) in an MMO to date. I’m very happy that I got to support Trion directly by buying through their website. And I’ve had no second thoughts about going for the DCE. Even if the in-game items turn out to be crap (which I doubt), Trion deserve that extra $10 for all the effort they’ve put in. Give it to Abigale/Cindey I reckon, she’s been amazing.

  24. On the D2D offer, I just cancelled my DCUO preorders with SOE and reordered through D2D, thereby saving myself £22. The 20% code in the UK is “Batman” not “Joker” by the way. Make of that what you will!

    I thought about cancelling my Trion preorder and reordering that through D2D as well, but I don’t want to mess up either the exceptionally good Founder’s sub rate or my beta access this weekend, so I am leaving that as it is. If another offer comes up nearer the release date I may swap suppliers, though.

    How does it actually make sense that a retailer can sell the product significantly more cheaply than the producer can sell it direct, anyway?

  25. @Bhagpuss: It’s mostly that the retailers can stunt whatever they want. The producers will get their share from those sales anyways.

    Their own sales, on the other hand, go directly to them, so why give a discount when you can get 100%?

  26. Well I got a Beta invite last night so I’ll try the game over the weekend and see what the hype is about and decide if I do want to play this game right out of the gate. However, if I do chose to I am sure I would get the DCE version.

  27. Bhagpuss – Also when you see a deal like the Direct2Drive one (20% off All MMOs) they’re often sacrificing immediate profit for the chance to gain long-term customers. If that discount means you buy from D2D and have a good experience, the next time you’re in the market for a game you might go back to D2D rather than Steam or somewhere.

  28. I take back what I said about their CS…it’s just as bad as any of the other crappy CS teams out there. I’ve been waiting for four days (and counting, when they say they’ll get back to you within one day) for an answer to an account/purchase related query and nothing. I’m really considering blowing money on an international call just to give them a piece of my mind >:|

  29. I ended up here since I was wondering about the same thing. Personaly I love getting the special editions, even more so the boxed ones. I find it exciting to see what’s inside and the little trinckets just make it more awesome. I downloaded the BETA already and am going to play tomorrow, and if I like it I’ll most definitely go for the Special Edition.

    Now for my question, you mentioned that the boxed edition also has the “founders pricing” though every other site/forum I checked said that it was for the digital version only (wich would be ridiculous imo).
    Perhaps I overread it on the official site though. Where did you get your information?

  30. I’m getting the RCE, the extras are nice imo. Plus i got a look into the beta and got to play it for a lil bit. It does look similar to wow, but its much more polished. I

  31. I’m getting the RCE, the extras are nice imo. Plus i got a look into the beta and played it for a little bit with my boyfriend and his brother, who got to lvl 20 withonly a couple days. It does look similar to wow, but its much more polished. I was worried though i feared it might be like Aion. Beautiful as Aion was, i did not like the level grinds or the forced pvp. I think the RCE is worth the 80 bucks. I love the music in game and a 2nd mouse pad isn’t always a bad thing and you can never have to many flash drives, i do lots of photography so 😀

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