/AFK: Come Get Some Edition

Was there ever anyone more manly than Evil Dead’s Ash?  It takes a special type of person — a lethal combination of bravery and idiocy — to taunt darkness itself: “Come get some!”

It’s once again time for /AFK — the best posts (and quotes) from the past week in the field of MMOs:

  • MMOSH — Have Mount, Will Travel (Part 2)
    “Whatever the true state of affairs is, it does not change the fact that I was completely blind-sided by this change, and it made me cry real human tears. Only on the inside though, as I am a man, and real men are only supposed to cry on the inside.”
  • KIASA — Stormwind Shell Shock
    “KiaSA lawyers are ready to speak to any TV executives interested in the rights to this new reality TV show, working title: Amishion Impossible.”
  • Broken Toys — 2011: WoW, Not WoW
    “But all the same, I hope The Old Republic is a massive hit, with millions of subscribers, enough to make back its development costs and then some.”

3 thoughts on “/AFK: Come Get Some Edition

  1. Wired is true to form, you can always read them to find out the cutting edge of last year’s thought.

    It’s too bad you don’t watch anime. Kamina and Simon from Gurren Lagann stole Ash’s manliness crown a while ago, and show no signs of giving it back.

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