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/AFK: I Am Disappoint Edition

Disappointments: They flood our lives from unexpected angles, washing us down the river banks of misery and out into the sea of shame.  And yet we cling to hope, hold to high expectations and trust that this leap… this leap will be the leap home.

Welcome back to /AFK, the weekly roundup of the best blog posts from the last seven days!

  • West Karana — The MMO Challenge, Revisited
    “Now, I’m passing on this challenge to my reader(s?). Pick one of the new MMOs coming out this year, or any MMO you have not yet played but think you would enjoy, and just make that your main MMO for an entire year.”
  • Combat Archaeology — Going Home
    “It has been exactly a year since I started this blog — a rather auspicious day, all things said. I think it’s also a good day to close up shop.”

8 thoughts on “/AFK: I Am Disappoint Edition

  1. Thank you for the going way link!

    Of course, I immediately posted a lengthy ‘real’ post, so who knows — the fastest way to again start posting is to declare a hiatus. -_-;

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