8 thoughts on “Truism

  1. So true! Reading the Warhammer forums one’d think EA had pulled the plug on the game already.

  2. Quoted for truth. There’s always this terrible tension in my heart when I wade into an official forum… there is good information in there, but what terrors will I see? What eldritch horrors will I awaken, and will my sanity remain intact? Will I be able to walk away from the forums, gleaming nugget of information clutched in my pale and shaking hands, and honestly tell myself it was worth it?

    And worse — will the evil miasma of the place linger over me, clutching at my heart? Will its evil influence stay with me, slowly turning me to hate the game I once wanted to love?

  3. Rift forums.


    Full of (no offense) moronic PvP-lovers who keep trying to press Trion into balancing and making the game about large-scale PvP.

    I mean, really? Darkfall, Warhammer and hell even EVE all have objective-based large-scale PvP…but no! No! You have to come and ruin my Classic WoW substitute.

  4. I’m probably a glutton for punishment, but I generally like reading the forums for the MMOs I play.

    There’s good info in there, but you develop a thick skin for everything else.

  5. Dril – I don’t know, I find it heartening that there’s a groundswell of opinion on the Rift forums pushing back against the hardcore gankers and the leeter-than-thou meter maniacs and the elitist jerks who are trying to jam each class into s predefined role and build before the game has even friggin’ launched.

    But you’re right, the feel of the game from playing in Beta 4 (only one I’ve played so far) is very reminiscent of classic WoW when it first launched. Before the dark times. Before Ghostcrawler 🙂

  6. No offense, but if Rift’s only offering were Vanilla WoW redone, I’d be gone in a heartbeat. There are too many games that are better than WoW ever was out there. 😛

    As for PvP, I am all for. I want world objectives as well. Does that make me a bad person? No. Do I think they should pay attention to both PvE and PvP balance? Yes. Does THAT make me a bad person? No.

    A classic cry on the forums has been “racials are not imbalanced because they’re fine for PvE” . . . which isn’t actually true so much, it’ just that nobody cares if a MOB is the one getting slapped around . . . that and certain things lend themselves more towards use in a controlled (aka PvE) situation.

    All in all, avoid forums if you’ve got a thin skin, avoid them if you’re not interested in knowing what people with differing viewpoints think, and avoid them if you tend to take things others say to heart too readily.


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