/AFK: Forumophobia Edition

Forumophobia: The mortal fear of going to — or posting on — an internet gaming forum due to the abundance of know-it-alls, trolls, malcontents, leet-speakers and 95% trash post rate.  How can we combat this people?  With lollipops, of course.  With LOLlipops.

Once again I bring you /AFK, my personal pick of the best or most interesting posts from this past week:

  • Ardwulf’s Lair — How LotRO Works
    “This is a world I know and am at home in, in a way that Norrath and Azeroth – and even Telon, which otherwise came closest – never were.”
  • Screaming Monkeys — The Cataclysmic WoW Disease
    “The game is suffering from a strange disease and we don’t know what it is. We see the victims, friends, family, bloggers, guild members who are quitting WoW after only a month and a half of Cataclysm.”
  • Levelcapped — Naivete
    “Winzen should have released this mod to the community, as is intended to be done with mods, and garnered the accolades of an appreciative Internet. Instead, Winzen aimed higher. Much too high.”
  • Werit — Where is Mythic?
    “What surprises me (and bothers me) is that Mythic has to know what kind of impression this lack of communication gives to the playerbase (well, the website/blog going part). Yet they don’t really do much about it.”
  • Elder Game — Classes vs. Open Skill Systems
    “But if you accept this premise, you need to know what you’re doing here: you’re intentionally creating an illusion of complexity that will wear off in six months, tops. If it takes you twelve months to make it, you’re betting a LOT of resources on that illusion.”

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