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Bloggers & Breakfast at PAX East!

It’s come to our attention that quite a few MMO bloggers are heading out to PAX East this year (as well as many MMO players!), and we thought it’d be a shame not to try to get together for a meet-n-greet.

So Ravious of Kill Ten Rats and I are putting together something called Bloggers & Breakfast for 8:00am through 9:30ish on Saturday, March 12th at Flour Bakery + Cafe.  Nothing fancy, just grab a bite to eat and meet fellow bloggers and players.  Sound good?  Sounds good to us!  We might even have prizes!

To sign up, just post a note in the comments section saying that you’ll come.  Please note if you’re a blogger, since we’ll add you to the Internet Famous list!

Meet These Bloggers:


31 thoughts on “Bloggers & Breakfast at PAX East!

  1. This sounds excellent, and I’ll make every attempt to get there. However, there’s a lot of spontaneous late-night events at PAX (late-night board gaming? HELLS yes), so I may show up bleary-eyed.

    While I’m not Internet Famous, I *do* blog, and I *do* work for a game dev studio, so it’ll be neat to get out and mingle.

  2. I’d love like hell to make it. I have to check with my Posse, though, who aren’t bloggers, and might need to check on the event schedule. No offense.

  3. Sounds great! I will be at PAX east and see no reason I couldn’t make this!

    I’m a blogger!

  4. Sounds like a great idea to me! I will plan on being there with 2 stipulations.

    1. It will depend on what time we get in Friday evening.
    2. If Saturday is the day they let the press in early (and what time).

  5. Last year our Friday night ended at about 2 am, iirc. The show was so packed full of stuff to do that we never had dinner until they tossed us out around midnight then we needed to find a place that was serving dinner that late.

    If this year is a repeat, I doubt I could budge @g33kg0dd3ss that early, but we’ll see.

    Of course that was at the Hyne’s Center. We might need to be more responsible and eat at a reasonable time this year since the convention center is a bit out-of-the-way.

    We need to figure out some way to identify ourselves; those that don’t make the breakfast. White carnations or something! 🙂

  6. The beauty of PAX is that nothing is dorky. Or everything is. Whichever way you want to look at it. Either way, it’s pretty awesome. Well, last year’s was. I don’t want to sound like I’m some multi-year vet or anything. 🙂

    I think I wore my t-shirt for one day last year… I’ll probably do that again.

  7. Wow, this sounds like a great idea. I have yet to begin making plans for PAX (time to get started, I know) so like a few others, I’ll have to check see what my schedule will be like, i.e. if my husband and I are going to be up for staying up late with the festivities on Friday night 😛 Will keep you posted!

  8. I am going to make every attempt to be there. This sounds great. It may be the largest collection of nerds for a single event, be sure to contact Guinness. I just reserved my hotel and plane ticket last night so I will be in town!

  9. Well, I don’t blog about MMO’s or anything else really…not these days. I’m also not playing an MMO, not even WoW. However, I still read Biobreak every day, and I still nod my head in agreement as I do.

    Since I am going to PAX East and I live in Boston, I think it’d be epic fail of me not to shake your hand, Syp. So I’m going to try to make it. Hopefully you wear a distinctive shirt or something.

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