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Adventures in Advertising

What’s odd about the following ad?

So not only do they just — for whatever reason — throw in the iconic guy from 300, but they add a bit of an extra moustache in a weird attempt to avoid copyright infringement or something:


Classy!  Weird!

9 thoughts on “Adventures in Advertising

  1. I just noticed your Tweet about the kids toys playing music on their own (on your sidebar, I don’t Tweet myself). Our daughter has a toy kitchen with a rangehood that used to do the same thing. Middle of the night (literally, like 1am, when everyone was asleep) and this thing would start up. I’d get up, turn it off, climb back into bed and just as I’m nodding off it would start back up again. Freaky.

    It wasn’t an isolated incident, it happened again some time later, too. The thing started up, I got up, turned it off, climbed back into bed…and it started up again. This time I found my screw driver so I could take the batteries out.

    And no, it didn’t start up a third time sans batteries, thank God.

  2. What? That mustache totally makes it legit. It’s not even the same guy anymore!



    As to things turning themselves on in the middle of the night, we used to have a stereo that would turn itself on at midnight periodically. It would either turn on the radio and play the sorts of music that stations play at midnight — often creepy, or just white noise, or worse.

    Stereo didn’t stay long, suffice to say.

  3. Do people realize all those games are made by the makers of Civony (Evony now, but funnily, that word is banned in their game :P) which gout sued out its A** for stealings pictures of costume models, models from age of empires, etc.

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