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/AFK: Classy Edition

Are you a man?  A woman?  Or are you a number?  A predefined class?  Whoooo are you, who who who who?  When people encounter you in game, do they see the person behind the avatar, or just a jarhead filling a rigid role?

Enough existential questioning for the morning — welcome back to /AFK, the weekly roundup of the best and most interesting posts I read this past week:

  • Elder Game — More on Classed vs. Unclassed Games
    “Imagine an MMO that made you redo everything every year. It’d be called ‘A Tale in the Desert’ and it might have a cult following, but would not be able to find the audience you probably imagine it would.”
  • KIASA — True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic
    “Take her back to Ered Luin where she first began her journey, however, and she can hit a wolf so hard that there’s a very good chance a Higgs boson particle would be detected in the subsequent imploding bloody-mist of lupine limbs.”
  • Overly Positive — The Comfortable, Familiar MMO
    “To be perfectly honest, the good thing that an MMO with familiarity has for people that play it is simple comfort – the kind of comfort you get from a bath or shower at the right temperature, a familiar spot on the couch/recliner, or worn clothes that fit well.”
  • — When customization is bad
    “Well, just like I can love gin & tonics but decidedly not love waking up mid-puke in a random parking lot in Milwaukee, too much customization has its drawbacks.”

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