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The Average Age of Gamers

Does this make you feel old, young or indifferent?

32 thoughts on “The Average Age of Gamers

  1. I’m lagging behind slightly… though I think I’m old in the brain.

    That is interesting though… certainly contradicts the “video games are for kids” sterotypes.

  2. I haven’t been on the young edge of gaming since the late 80s/early 90s, though that 2010 PC gamer age at least gets into the “went to grammar school at the same time as I did” range of ages.

  3. The surprising thing to me is that the average age had gone up by 6 years over a 6 year period. That would usually mean that the upper end of the range expanded/extended yearly, the lower end thinned, or we were a cohesive blob of gamers creeping through time and devouring each new survey age bracket as we encountered it.

    As for the jump to 42 after that…are Facebook gamers counted in the numbers? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’ve generally been completely average according to those numbers, except for 2010 PC gamers where I now feel positively youthful ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jeez, for once I’m totally in the average demographic. The figures aren’t much of a surprise though — it’s not all 13-year olds, no matter how loud they may be in chat.

  6. Gordon, I think it suggests that the population as a whole is aging. Games almost always are a kid and teen thing, and despite us playing them, are primarily targeted to a younger demographic. For the average to change, I think it means less kids altogether.

  7. Wow that’s an interesting set of numbers Syp. I am not surprised that the average age has crept up into the 30’s as all the baby gamers of the last few decades grow up but if the average age keeps creeping up to over 40 (as it appears to be doing) that suggests that there aren’t enough younger players coming up to balance those of us who are getting older. That suggests that the entire hobby of video gaming has passed its sell by data and is dying off!

  8. Given that I’m 42 and a PC gamer to the core, this should sound about exactly right. Except that most of the friends I game with are just a couple of years younger than myself.

    Also given that I started with Pong when I was 5, I tend to think of myself in the upper end of the gamer age.

  9. I play some PC games, and I play some console games… and table top games and hand held and arcade and more. October 1974, which puts me squarely in the average for pretty much every year of gamer up there, but below the PC gamer stat at the end.

  10. That 42 average refers to what NPD calls “Avid PC Gamers”, which they record as 11% of the U.S. gaming population. I couldn’t find a definition of that term in their press release or on their website. I imagine you have to pay for the report to get the full details.

    They do define the group (presumably) above that, “Extreme Gamers”, as the group which plays 48.5 hours per week or more, but how many gradations there are between “Extreme” and “Avid” is anyone’s guess.

    I think the most interesting, and worrying, aspect of this analysis is the potential future for PC Gaming, period. There’s already speculation that Tablet PCs will replace Desktops and even Laptops as the primary Business device ( ). If this does happen, and the vast corporate market for desktop and laptop PCs declines, how likely is it that the device will survive as a gaming platform?

    If you add to that an aging market for PC games and a lack of new players coming in at the lower end of the age range, then the future of PC gaming looks uncertain at best.

    I’m well above that average age and I plan doing my bit to keep the average up for as long as my faculties permit. And if that means moving to some other device then so long as there are MMOs on it, I’ll be there, even in the old folks home.

  11. I’m outside the box @ 53, but the stats don’t make me feel old, simply because it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

  12. It’s not really all that surprising. I remember in the early aughts reading that video games had beaten out television as the primary source of entertainment among people in their 30s. The average is actually a few years younger than the first generation of kids to grow up with video games, it’s actually really cool that they’re all still playing ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. @Jennifer

    The ESA data where some of these stats come from don’t distinguish between console and pc gaming, they’re both included in the final tally.

  14. The Video Game era kicked off in the 70’s. This is THER thing. Their creation. It is only natural 35-45 is the average age. All others after enjoy their dream, and to my greatly felt honor and respect, carry the torch!! But not yet! WE AVERAGED AGED GAMERS ARE STILL IN THE RACE!!! WE ARE STILL “PASSING” THE BATON!! SO RUN….RUN YOUNG ADULTS with your children, the torch is but ALMOST yours! For we STARTED this race, SON!!!

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