/AFK: The Final Countdown Edition

Two and a half weeks left, and RIFT players will finally be able to colonize Telara for good.  This isn’t a lot of time to get one’s affairs in order — families need to be abandoned, jobs quit, pets sold the circus, catheters set up, etc.  Hopefully, we’ll get it all done.

Or, y’know, we’ll just treat it like a normal game when it gets here.

Welcome back to /AFK, my weekly list of the the most interesting or well-written blog posts I’ve read:

  • The Common Sense Gamer — Looking at Rift
    “The Rift System: You’ve read about this all over the place and by now, so you know generally what this is…in theory. In practice this mechanic MAKES the community work together.”
  • Ardwulf’s Lair — Vanguard Abides
    “It seems to me that if the population is that small, the game’s bottom line might be improved by an order of magnitude – or more – just by making it free-to-play, and relying on a significantly higher population using the existing cash shop.”

One thought on “/AFK: The Final Countdown Edition

  1. Thanks much for the link Syp – where New Eden/Eve Online is concerned it is truly a love/hate relationship with me…and I find I have that in common with many other players.

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