/AFK: Tabasco Sauce Edition

Back in college, my friends and I went through a Tabasco sauce craze.  Each of us carried around little trademark bottles of that spicy delight to all of our meals, liberally dousing the flavor right out of whatever we were eating and replacing it with hotness.  Eggs, pizza, casserole — nothing was safe from the Tabasco invasion.  Why am I sharing this?  Because my stomach is celebrating the fact I’m past this phase, even though the scars endure.

Welcome to another /AFK, my weekly roundup of interesting and well-written blog posts:

  • The Once and Future Geek — Titan Conjecture
    “With MMO fans frothing at the mouth for details on Blizzard’s mystery MMO –codenamed Titan- any and all official information is going to be hyper analyzed, and premature predictions will abound.”

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