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/AFK — Fippy Darkpaw Edition

The big topic this past week was the opening of a new EverQuest time-locked progression server.  Both old and new EQ players flocked to and overloaded the servers, looking to recapture lost experiences or experience lost history.  While I personally didn’t feel compelled to give this a swing, it’s an interesting experiment that I wish more MMOs would try.

Welcome back to /AFK, a roundup of the most interesting blog posts that caught my eye last week:

  • A Casual Stroll to Mordor — Symbols and tokens and marks, oh my!
    “You loot the chest expecting to find some powerful artifact, instead some weird currency drops which you take back to town and trade in for the armor they should have given you when they asked you to go fight the bad guys. It makes no sense for the story.”
  • ETCmmo — You can never go back
    “Getting oh so very lost in Neriak, I wanted to cry…. It was truly terrifying and awesome at the same time. I had never played anything like it.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — Faction cool factor
    “It seemed that everybody was excited about the Defiant, and ‘mature’ guilds were considering rolling Guardian side just to get away from that immature crowd.”
  • MMO Gamer Chick — Rift: Artifact finding
    “Which is why I’m surprised after all these weeks in the Rift beta I haven’t talked about the Artifact Collections system yet. Bottom line, I want to marry it.”
  • MMO Reporter — Why MMOs are missing the boat
    “Most importantly, I want my virtual trek to have consequences. It should require effort to travel. If I go to point B, I must take into account I can’t quickly jump back to A. Why else have a big virtual world?”

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