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What your weapon style says about you

“I’m a bit dull but what can I say?  I like to live!  Also, my shield doubles as a sled when I travel to snowy zones.”

“This is my epeen.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.  With it I will disregard being a team player in a never-ending quest to top the DPS charts.”


“I have seen way, way too many movies.  If I had a third arm, rest assured I’d be holding a weapon in that too.”

“This is not a weapon.  It is a stat receptacle.  I just like carrying large planks of wood to make me feel secure.  It’s a thing — I’m talking with my therapist about it.”

“I am the love-child of Legolas and Rambo.  And maybe Robin Hood.  In this scenario, Legolas would have to be the female with a child-bearing womb.”

“I will never sit at the cool kids table.”

8 thoughts on “What your weapon style says about you

  1. I used spears in AC (big kudos for the last pic). I wish spears were more common in these games. (I’m looking at you Rift). Warden in LOTRO does it well.

  2. Actually, at lvl 2 in RIFT beta I found a polearm (spear) with my warrior! It was really cool, sadly very bad so I replaced it at the next quest upgrade :/

    But I always go for the polearm, I love them!

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