Little Details

One of the things I like about my Lore-master is his ability to stun the heck out of everything, which usually results in a mob reeling a little bit.  But today I stunned a deer, and instead of the normal animation, the deer kept staggering to the left and the right like a drunken sailor.  Kind of made me laugh.  I like little things like that!

2 thoughts on “Little Details

  1. Did you ever play around with cracked Earth Syp? It is a delayed aoe root and at first it seems useless because by the time the root kicks in the mobs have usually caught up with you. However there is more to the skill than first appears because it also does a chunk of damage. It is a situational skill but with careful planning you can use it to root / kite bunches of melee mobs.

  2. Yup I have, although that’s not in my current rotation due to skills I’m working on for traits.

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