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RIFT starter books

I’m not huge on guides or anything, but I figure this might be good to pass along.  There are 14 collectible books in RIFT’s starting area that can’t be grabbed once you leave, so if you have any inclination to do so, make sure you get them at the start!

A few guildies have been tossing around this map to help you out:

Click to expand

10 thoughts on “RIFT starter books

  1. That’s the kind of thing I usually find out after investing hours, days, & weeks in my Main, then go, “Doh! I wish I’d known about that earlier!”

    Like killing my way through the Furbolg-infested tunnel connecting Felwood and Winterspring several times and ending up on the Timbermaw’s Most Wanted List. Whoops.

  2. Don’t worry if you zoomed through the starter instance without picking up the books. You can always make a disposable alt and mail the books after they get to the real Telara.

  3. I could only find one book in the Defiant starter zone – right inside the Factory of Life or whatever it’s called.

    But the books in the Guardian starter zone didn’t work the same way. They didn’t go into my bag – I just got the text on screen.

  4. The Defiant side has a similar collection of books, but it’s not in the starter area. Instead it’s in city of Meridian, where there are books scattered on every level of the tower overlooking the whole of the zone of Freemarch. They’re much easier to locate than the Guardian variants.

  5. @NoAstronomer It’s a little odd, there are books that are Artifacts (for collections) and books that go into your “Books” UI (for reading). That Defiant one is an Artifact book.

    Kinda confusing.

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