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RIFT ‘Roids

As much fun as it is to be in on the launch week of a game, it’s also wearying in a way.  One of the reasons that I’m primarily a solo player is probably due to my introverted nature — I’m generally happiest when I have space and quiet to do my thing.  I don’t mind grouping or whatnot, but crowds always make me jittery.

So being part of what feels like a player-and-turtle stampede in the lowbie zones gives me a claustrophobic feel, especially after being used to the slower pace of LOTRO, but that’s how it goes.

Last night it took me 4 hours to log on a second time for about 40 minutes of play before bed, but it was an enjoyable 40 minutes, darnit!  I made sure to jump into as many rift battles as I could find, and I really love the “join public group” button that pops up.  My bard has some decent group healing going on now, so I just sit back and heal while doing a bit of damage, and I tend to come out ahead with rewards.

Other than the queues, my only day one complaint was a gold spammer that sent me a tell — seriously?  Already?  Some folks have reported huge amounts of gold spam, but I just saw the one.  In any case, it’s disappointing that they’re already out in force, especially since it’s been close to forever since I’ve seen one in LOTRO.

Looking ahead, I can’t even try to predict when things will calm down for the game.  People will spread out a bit more as always happens, but we have the second big influx of folks when the official launch hits next week.  So far, knock on wood, Trion seems to have a monster hit on its hands, and that’s an encouraging sight after a year of MMO flops and disappointments.

I’d love to hear from any other Rift players — what’s your first day been like?  What were your goals?

16 thoughts on “RIFT ‘Roids

  1. Over half our guild couldnt get on the server we picked last night due to the long queues. Was kind of frustrating from that point of view. Luckily you could still play as while I was queued up for the server I wanted, I cold run another instance of the game (on same account) and play a different shard for the heck of it.

    We as a guild are now going to have to decide do we change shards or not. We thought we picked a server that would be pretty active (we had bad experience in WAR where our server was merged twice in the first months – nothing kills more guild spirit with being forced to move after establishing themselves) but it now looks like one of the big PvP ones (only 1 of the 4 that had a queue still at 3 AM EST) Queues will go down and may even dissappear but how long do we wait until we can get everyone playing together when we want to.

  2. One word: Queues!

    It didn’t really bother me though… I have yet to see a MMO launch without queues for the first few days/weeks. I see it as a good sign, since it means that there is high demand. I’m sure that it’ll all shake out in due time.

    What time I did get to play was fun though. In a way it was fine to sit in the queue, since by the time I got in I was behind the main “pack” and didn’t have to fight for quest mobs.

  3. I’ll start with the conclusion: It was a bit frustrating but when I did get in, but the little bit of fun I had was worth the wait and this will all “normal out” soon enough.

    I couldn’t get online until about 8:30pm EST due to family stuff. I queued from 8:30 to 1:00am and finally got in. Luckily I could play league of legends while in the queue so it wasn’t terrible.

    I’m the GM of a rather large guild so most of my play time was concentrated on getting the roster setup, etc but that is a meta game to me and was fun enough 🙂

    I didn’t make it out of the tutorial area (which I’ve now done 4 times) but I still found myself having fun and logged off thinking: Finally. This great game is now out and my character will be here a year from now. Play on.

  4. There are server queues, however the servers aren’t crashing, lagging, or disconnecting the majority of players. They just had to launch more 20 servers. IMHO, it was a very smooth launch, but that is not the launch yet… launch will be at march 1st…

    After a queue of 1 hour. yesterday I started myelementalist/stormcaller/dominator. At level 13 I made the quests for gain the other 5 mage souls (and advanced to level 14 just closing rifts for do that quests). Then I created my second role, chloromancer/warlock/necromancer, that I intend to use if a dungeon group need a healer.

    Tonight I intend complete a quest that will open the story epic quest at Sanctum (just read the patch notes, it is the same kind of quest I saw at defiant side, but guardian side is aelfwar the enemy), do fae dungeon and advance to level 20.

  5. I worked late last night, but my husband was kind enough to log me in while I was still at work so I could bypass the queues. Still had to wait over an hour and got to level 2 before I had to log off and get ready for bed. While still at the character screen, my laptop shut off due to overheating, and that was Day 1. Better luck next week, I hope!

  6. Same as you, Syp. I waited in queue for about 4 hours and consumed 14 issues of comic books before I finally got in. I only named my characters though, and then went to bed. Because I’ve been working for 12 hours everyday, for the last four days, just to get a 3 day weekend.

  7. I know exactly what you mean about the claustrophobic feel. I got that way myself after a bit, but I knew that if I logged off, that was it for the day. That also made me less than happy. I want to play when *I* want to play!

    The good news is, I played through the Dragon Age 2 demo once again and realized that I didn’t hate it as much as I did the first time. 😛

  8. I didn’t get to play until 10 PM. There’s no way in hell I’m going to sit in a queue for 4 hours, but luckily there were servers listed as HIGH population rather than FULL, and the queues there were tiny (I was 7th in line when I logged in).

    One of the other benefits of being a solo-er… you can roll a character anywhere.

    Thanks to ramizeth though, for the idea of running two instances of the game. I might try that over the weekend…

  9. I got a few tells. $23.99 to PL you from 1-10. . .which takes an hour or 2. Puhleez. They dropped that to $9.99 by the end of the night. They were also trying to sell plat for outrageous amounts too.

    Of course, there’s really nothing to buy in the game yet, so what purpose would having plat serve right now? And in the open beta I could easily make 8-10 plat in a day just from normal questing and crafting.

    Silly. And yeah, I reported and ignored every plat spammer who shot me a tell.

  10. I started on one of the servers they introduced last night (Aedraxis IIRC) and I got in without a wait. I was even able to logout and back without a problem. I can see where those people who arranged to meet up with friends on specific servers are somewhat putout. The launch otherwise went pretty well, but they do need to find a way to allow people to hook up on a specific server. Perhaps a sign-up sheet available for a few days before the servers go live?

    I didn’t play beta so this was my first time playing the game. Pretty impressed; nice smooth gameplay; a lot of familiar pieces plus more than enough newness to keep me interested.

    I took one character to level 8 and another to 6, one from each faction.

    I didn’t get any gold spam. Since there’s no free trial I assume that means these people paid $50 for a few minutes spamming activity. Here’s hoping Trion perma-bans them.

  11. Seems I tried logging on just before they took the servers down (around 5pm eastern) for some thing then put them back up. I got on the server I had planned but my friends couldn’t so we ended up on a RP server.

    I logged off for a bit around 7pm (eastern) and popped back on after 9pm to find an update waiting. Download of the update was slow and when it got near the end it lost connection and I had to start it over again. I must have got back in around 10pm (eastern… I’m going to assume you’ll realize that from now on, but I’ll probably not mention a time again!) and played for a bit.

    I didn’t face a queue on the RP server I was on.

    Overall impressions are that it’s another MMO. It’s content is new and shiny which appeals to my want of exploring. The game mechanics aren’t alien or punishing. It was stable and responsive.

    I’ll stop there because I already dumped a wall of text on my blog.

  12. Rami that you?? You motorboating S.O.B. What Rami said was pretty much on the money…

    I do have to say, once I got in though the damn game ran pretty much great, not much lag, bugs, or crashes which is truly awesome for an MMO launch.

    So one thing aside, not too bad of a start.

  13. Give it two months. Queues will disappear and the population will stabilize as the “next best thing” wears off. Rift is really the only working AAA MMO to be released in a long period, so you are getting a lot of curious people now.

  14. We spent a good while before launch talking about whether to play on an EU or US server (being in the U.K. as we are). In the end we went for the U.S. and it’s worked out well. There are no queues at all from when we wake up until early evening, and if we hadn’t decided to play on what will probably be one of the busiest servers of all, Faeblight, we might escape queues altogether.

    I knew what my goals would be right from the start:

    1. Make enough money to buy a mount
    2. Level tailoring high enough to make 10-slot bags.

    Those goals look like keeping me focused for about thr first three or four days (need to get to the mid-20s to be high enough to farm wool for the bags and it takes a lot of wool to make the bags we need).

    Server just came down (hence this post) and we are both 17th and in second tier fo crafting (cotton/thin leather for me). Should have my mount just after teatime.

  15. Had a massive 4 hours and change queue last night (which was estimated, so it turned out to be 2 hours as people couldn’t take it and dropped). This morning and all day today as I’m writing this, I logged in to Faeblight without a wait at all.

    Been running around, replicating the four characters and soul combos I liked the most from b7, questing, dealing with rifts and invasions as they popped.

    I noticed I wasn’t getting nearly as many rewards from public groups as I did in b7, but I have no idea how the system works or if anything was changed, so I can’t comment. Might have been me.

    Having lots of fun so far.

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