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/AFK: Success is in the Definition Edition

What be this “success” we’ve heard so much about?  Be it fun, sales, lasting memories or the sheer fact that a game made it to launch in an industry that chokes its young to death on a regular basis?  One thing is for certain: You are successful just for reading Bio Break.  Lesser mortals have tried and fallen dead on the spot from the exposure.

Welcome back to /AFK, my weekly roundup of interesting blog posts and pertinent quotes:

  • Levelcapped — Merry Riftmas!
    “Trion has really gone above and beyond what we normally see from developers, and the game itself has some major selling points as well that allow it to stand out from the steady stream of ho-hum that we’ve had to endure in the MMO space over the past few years.”
  • Overly Positive — The silly setup of failure
    “They make forum threads predicting doom and gloom, blog about how the next best thing isn’t quite as good as sliced bread, and are always quick to insert an oppositional, Eeyore-like shrug into conversations that excitedly talk about what’s coming up.”
  • Stylish Corpse — Sucker for a happy ending
    “What only other introverts seem to understand, however, is that this doesn’t make me unsociable or anti-social — quite the contrary. I’m extremely sociable, it’s just that my terms for it aren’t the same as those of your average extrovert.”

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