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PAX East: Five Days In Boston

Here’s the weird thing: I’m not sure if my trip to PAX East was fun or not.

Unlike last year’s trips to both GenCon Indy and PAX Prime, there was a lot of somethings dragging this trip down.  Some of it was personal — I was really tired before even going on this trip, I didn’t have anything specific I wanted to see at the convention, and eventually I just crashed on Saturday night and spent all Sunday in my hotel room without going back.  Some of it was the convention itself — there really wasn’t as much to DO as there needed to be, considering the crowds, and what games and companies were on display were kind of paltry compared to PAX Prime.

So other than doing work for Massively, I kind of just drifted around the place without any set agenda, met some fellow guildies and bloggers, and grabbed a few pieces of swag.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a really awesome thing to meet some of the developers and bloggers and fans that I did, and the guy who ran up to have his picture taken with “the Bio Break guy” made my day.  I felt tremendously bad that I wasn’t more social, due to time constraints and just being exhausted, but it was certainly nice to put a face to many MMO bloggers in my reader.

Ultimately I’m calling it a wash.  If I could do it all over again, I either wouldn’t go, or I would’ve planned better and tried to simply be more social as a goal.  But I did grab a few choice photos to share with y’all:

Several members of my LOTRO kinship, Council of the Secret Fire. I'm on my knees pretending to be a hobbit.
Part of the exhibit hall queue on Friday morning
Massively's Larry reaching out to the Dark Side of the Force
So yeah, The Old Republic was THE biggest attraction of the show, and I'm still in awe of how long people waited to play the demo
Best costume of the show
Epic Slant's Ferrel -- I really enjoyed hanging with him and his pals!
Boston skyline from the convention center. The center was nice in and of itself, but it was too far removed from the subway line and there wasn't anywhere closeby to eat
Scott Hartsman at the RIFT party -- he's the only developer I'm taller than, which is saying something. The RIFT party was excellent, and I loved meeting the devs and gushing a bit about the game.
Former Massively staffers and current Turbine employees Kyle and Sera at the Turbine party. It was totally great to meet and hang with them for a while. Also, I'm short.
Guild Wars 2 -- One of the very few games I actually played at the convention. Really liked the Norn as a race.

6 thoughts on “PAX East: Five Days In Boston

  1. I felt much the same as you did. Sorry to hear you didn’t leave the hotel on Sunday. For me the expo hall was a little disappointing, but the fact that I had to stand in 1 hour long lines to go to the panel discussions and demos was the worst thing for me. I guess that is the uber nerd coming out of me.

  2. So you stayed the night on Sunday? I was thinking of going next year and was wondering what people do when they have a long drive home.

  3. Oy. Those lines & the pictures I’ve seen of the exhibit hall trigger my claustrophobia just looking at them.

    Still though, looks like fun! I think it says something when it seems like the one thing that PAX East & BlizzCon (& maybe other conventions too) have in common is that many of the attendees agree that the most fun part of the convention is meeting guildmates & other players. The convention itself is just kind of in the background. So much for the anti-social gamer stereotype.

    Also, you have the same facial expression in every picture. Just sayin’.

  4. I did a lot of convention-going in the 80s and early 90s. Comic conventions, those were. When I first started going I wanted to get to every panel and event and see and hear everything. After a few years it was “just a few highlights” and spend the rest of the time in the bar. By the last three or four the Convention WAS the bar. I saw two events in two days and those were the costume parade and the quiz!

    I’ll be very happy if I never go to another convention of any kind ever again, but if I ever do it will only be to meet friends and sit in the bar. I simply cannot imagine queueing even five minutes to play a game demo, and I still have enormous difficulty thinking of games developers as people who would be entertaining or amusing to listen to on a panel, although why they should be any less so than comics artists I couldn’t really say.

  5. The hubby and I agreed that one day would be plenty enough to go to some pannels and walk around the convention. Visiting the city was totally worth it though! Had a great time saturday night with everyone 🙂

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