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/AFK: Pax Catchup Edition

One of the worst things about coming back from a trip is all of the catching up you have to do — especially if you happen to have hundreds of blogs in your Google Reader.  I tried my best, but after a day or so of scrolling I gave up and marked all as read.  Ergo, this week’s /AFK is incomplete in a sense, as it’s both covering two weeks’ worth of posts and missing a bunch of those posts at the same time.  Ah well!

Welcome back to /AFK, a weekly roundup of interesting posts that caught my eye:

  • MMO Reporter — The naming of chars
    “It drives me crazy to see someone play a rogue named ‘Death-Rouge’ or a variant of this, usually with loads of accented characters. To use your class as a name is wrong of itself, but to then misspell it?”
  • Epic Slant — PAX East 2011 in review
    “This year I attended my first PAX and I have to say that in comparison to the other conventions I regularly hit it felt far larger and friendlier!”
  • Levelcapped — Don’t cry for me World of Warcraft
    “But really, WoW community. You’ve had the cat-bird’s seat for many, many years. You can’t blame people for getting excited about an alternative – we might even whisper “competitor” if we want to fan flames, although I think it’s far to early for that discussion to be had in serious circles.”
  • Casual Is As Casual Does — One of us and level ennui
    “After months of gentle cajoling (which didn’t work), and more recently, letting him watch over my shoulder as I trudge through vanquishes, Zaishen bounties, and re-build my character stock in general, Mr. Randomessa has caved in and decided to give Guild wars another try.”

P.S. – Go check out Ferrel’s book on guild leadership! Way to go, man!

5 thoughts on “/AFK: Pax Catchup Edition

  1. Thanks for the link love 🙂

    I defintely know what you mean about catching up on blog reading. I’m having a hard enough time on a daily basis with that as it is. If you miss a week, it’s nigh-on impossible.

  2. Thank you for the link love Syp! It was awesome to meet you at PAX! Hope to see you at the next convention too. More shenanigans must be had!

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