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/AFK: Humorous Choice Edition

If you have a choice between boring A and exciting B, will you not pick B and consider yourself a rogue, even though everyone else would most likely pick B as well?

And if C decided to stop by and challenge your expectations, it might stand to reason that a switch would be in order.  But only if D didn’t pop in, announce “All of the above!” and ruin everyone’s day.  Oh, D, the only letter we hate more than you is the dreaded E — “None of the above!”

Welcome back to /AFK, a weekly roundup of interesting blog posts that caught my attention:

  • Elder Game — Evolving quests
    “WoW changed the thinking here. For the most part, it never even occurred to us in the MMO industry that it might be possible to create so much content that players could level entirely through quests and never repeat a single one.”
  • We Fly Spitfires — I like big swords
    “When I play MMOs I immediately pick melee classes and then go out of my way to find the biggest, meanest looking sword I can possibly find in order to proceed smacking the living daylights out of everything whilst giggling with glee.”

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