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Branching Out

First of all, I’m all a-flutter over the one-plus week world event that’s starting in RIFT today.  In fact, as soon as I publish this post, I’ll probably be in the game scoping it out.

It’s definitely a good move on Trion’s part, for several reasons.  One, we’re at the one-month mark after release, and we all know that means it’s time for every player to consider whether or not this game is worth subbing.  Having something big happen in the game at this time is a good incentive to keep playing, and all of the other features of this patch help as well.  Video recording in game?  Does any other MMO come equipped to do this?  That’s pretty dang cool.

We’re also seeing that Trion held a few cards back from us, and is now playing them one by one.  That’s a tricky thing, because you really want to impress everyone at launch with a wide and deep arrangement of features and content, but you absolutely must have something new and surprising to unleash down the road as well.  We kept hearing RIFT devs talk about how the dynamic content wasn’t just about rifts, but was an effective toolbox to give them freedom to craft events.  From what I’ve heard so far, this world event is something much different and more grand than the smaller zone invasions or local attacks, and there’s even a new UI element to follow that.

So I’m going to be deep in RIFT this week even as my LOTRO Lore-master hit 50 today and I’m Eagling everything in the face as hard as I can.  Between those two games, I feel as rich of an MMO gamer as anyone has a right to be — but I think I need to branch out a bit.

It’s not that I’m restless, but that I really love MMOs and would hate to be so immersed in just two titles that I start ignoring everything else out there.  So I’m going to start lining up a list of very side games to explore and enjoy, perhaps on a day of the week I set apart to do this sort of thing.

So far, here is my to-play list:

  • DDO: After PAX East and seeing the new DDO content, I felt it calling once again.  I may join back up with the Massively guild, but will probably be rolling a new character (I’m thinking sorcerer).
  • A MUD/MUSH/MOO: As part of next month’s project for Massively, I want to at least get into one of these text-based MMOs.  Still evaluating my options, however.
  • EVE Online: I simply don’t understand the phenomenon of this game — it really feels like a cult sometimes — but I’m willing to take another crack at it.
  • Guild Wars: Will I ever finish even one campaign?  I really need to find out!  And before GW2 launches, no less!

8 thoughts on “Branching Out

  1. I haven’t made it back to DDO in awhile either, much to my dismay. I really like that game, particularly the combat – along with Fallen Earth.

    Oddly enough, I’ve been playing Might and Magic II; I missed out on these gems when I was younger, although I did play the Wizardry series.

  2. I haven’t made it to DDO in a long time either, but tbh any time I log into it anymore i just don’t feel the call. Ah well.

    EVE is one of those “can be fun, can be boring, all depends on what you decide to do with it” games. I moved to nullsec the end of last summer and that really revitalized the game for me for a while, but when all the CTA’s were just to down structures with millions of HP so it just took forever. . . . it was neat to see the sights and all the big ships, but it was also boring as hell to me. And the constant paranoia you have while flying in null, even deep inside the “safe space” of the NC wore at me for a while. Didn’t help that my corp had a big PI building program that I spent about an hour a day on on 2 characters but I got no benefit from it and it in fact cost me a lot of isk. It all just wore me out. But with that said, I still have an active subscription. It’s got its claws in me and I just don’t want to give it up yet. Seems weird, but there it is.

    I hope that when you check it out again that you’re able to find your niche.

  3. Dunno about you, but I signed up for the 6 month Founder’s deal for myself and the wife and we’re sticking to it!

  4. Have not played Eve in a rather long time, though I might get back into it. Perhaps I will even start fresh with a new character. Though it is the only game that has ever effected me on an emotional level, losing 80 million in implants to Rancer will cause that.

  5. If you are looking at MUDs, check out Genesis MUD. That’s what got me hooked on online gaming way back in the 90s, and i hear it is still banging around. It is numberless.. very descriptive and detailed. You wont know if a weapon is good just by looking at it… you’ll need to take it to a smith (or become a smith), or a mage. You don’t start as a class, you “become” a class by finding and joining guilds… whether it be a ranger of the North, gladiator, knight, mage etc.

    Knowing you have a thing for LotR, you’d appreciate the detailed Lord of the Rings areas (it isn’t exclusively LotRs.. it has various realms to be explored). Just be warned… while work is still being done to it and it has a great tutorial, it is old school.

    Re:Eve, wait for Incarna before giving it a go. Apparently that is going to make it more friendly for new people not used to the current interfaces. I am one of those people loving Eve at the moment… but I’ve also joined, quit through boredom, and come back. The thing with Eve that is different to the other MMOs you are familiar with is that it doesn’t set you on a path or storyline… you make your own path or story. If you cant do this then you will get bored and leave (speaking from experience). Get involved in the community, make friends, allies, and enemies… it is this interaction which makes the game special. For me, I am exploring, settling (getting evicted from), and plundering wormhole space. Prior to that I served my faction in the border wars with the Gallente. What will the future bring? Who knows… I’ve made friends that could lead my down any particular path… nullsec, piracy, or producing illicit boosters on the outskirts of known space. Exploring anomalies, hacking radar sites… the list is endless.

  6. For MUDs, I can’t suggest Simutronics platform (either Gemstone IV – which I play, or Dragonrealms) enough. Both are GREAT games, and can be a ton of fun.

    As for EVE. It is a game that is entirely what you make of it. It’s as close to the quintessential sandbox as you are likely to find. Which is only reinforced even more by the dev’s at CCP. I mean, it’s a game where they (the dev’s) gave the go-ahead for players to scan down another player missioning and steal the item that lets that player finish a mission (and do whatever the want with it afterwards). EVE is a harsh cold mistress, and that’s what the players seem to want on the whole.

  7. I’ve got 3 tips for a happy and fulfilling life in EVE Online:

    1: Join a good corp
    2: Join a good corp
    3: Join a good corp

    You CAN play it alone or in the NPC corp chatting with random people in local (=the chat for the solar system you are currently in). But to really play this game, you HAVE to be in a corp. And by “good” I mean “with nice people you can hang out with all night long in vent/ts/whathaveyou”. That’s what made the game awesome for me and it is the only MMO for which I’ll never cancel my subscription.

    tl;dr: EVE gets from boring as hell to super amazing just by playing with the right people.

  8. I have to echo the advice to find a good corp in EVE. Unless you like complicated economics/industry, I suggest either a pirate corp or nullsec. If you already have an established active Reddit account, check out Dreddit for low stress nullsec fun. (No CTA or required ops, but lots of fun things going on.)

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