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The Foolies

I, for one, absolutely love April Fools Day on the internet.  It’s not because oh-my-goodness-I-got-tricked — you have to be either really ignorant as to the date or the trickster has to be incredibly clever — but because we see a lot of creativity and humor unleashed across the world.  Sure, some people grouse about all of the silliness and how they can’t trust the internet today, but in my opinion that’s like complaining about any holiday tradition.

To celebrate today, I wanted to recognize the very best April Fools MMO efforts in this, the first Foolies award show.  It’ll be short and sweet, I promise.

Fifth Place: DDO’s Be the Broccoli!

I’m not sure WHY Turbine’s latched on to a personable Broccoli as their running in-joke — I’m sure there’s a story behind that somewhere — but it is amusing to see it trotted out from time to time.  And, yes, being able to play as a Broccoli would rock, especially with the new module:

“Charge into battle as you fight through layer after layer of tasty lettuce and dangerously delicious dressing in our upcoming adventure pack ‘Rise of the Side Salad’. Battle fiendish fresh cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and other produce that threatens to overrun the menus of Stormreach’s taverns.”

Fourth Place: SWTOR’s Shyriiwook Localization

The Galaxy Quest DVD has an option where you can hear the entire movie overdubbed with the aliens’ incoherent gibberish, and I’m proud to say I actually sat through the whole thing.  This is why I’d definitely play a Wookiee language-enabled version of SWTOR, at least until my wife told me to turn it the heck off.

Third Place: Forsaken World’s Edward class

The reference may be getting a bit stale by now, but I still have to give props to Forsaken World’s Edward class video.  From sparkling to fighting werewolves, this guy’s got it all!  Plus, it has the great tagline: “Real vampires don’t sparkle, they fight!”  Of course, you just showed us that your vampire class does both, so… hm.

Second Place: World of Warcraft’s Crabby, the Dungeon Helper

Great jokes exist on multiple planes, so good for Blizzard as it created multiple layers of hilarity with Crabby.  Mocking the obnoxious (and hated) Microsoft Office Assistant, Crabby is there to lend a helping hand to anyone looking for easy guidance.  In one fell swoop, Blizz pokes fun at itself (for dumbing down WoW over the years) and us (for constantly demanding hand-holding features), and I can respect that.  And laugh at it.

First Place: Guild Wars 2’s Commando profession

There’s a joke, and there’s a joke that’s carried out with such professionalism and talent that you can’t help but tip your hat.  GW2’s “Commando” profession could’ve been a cheap joke, but ArenaNet went all out with artwork, several videos, skill descriptions and the like.  The videos — particularly the last one (with jiggle physics for an easter egg laugh) — are hilarious, and you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t want to play it.

ArenaNet went even further by having a Commando (and his helicopter) touch down in Guild Wars’ Embark Beach.  Bravo!

8 thoughts on “The Foolies

  1. The only time I’ve been fooled on April first was by my boss who once gave me a phone number and said a G. Raff wanted to speak to me about one of the contracts, yes it was a zoo and how he laughed, I working my ass off just wanted to fucking rip his nuts off and force him to wear them as earrings. April fools day is shit and it’s only used by wankers bullying other people when they are too busy to notice. Its shit it’s always been shit and will always be shit.

  2. I love April Fool’s too. It’s better than chrismas for me, like a big easter egg hunt through the internets to find the goodies!

    My personal favourite was Gmail Motion – not so much the idea, but the actor demonstrating it had the best facial expressions.

    The entire Wookieepedia redone in 3D (red/blue filter) was amusing but really hurt my eyes!

  3. I was sad to see that in EverQuest the day is being met by a lot of really upset players. I thought turning all of the mobs and npc and players into cute bunnies one day of the year was adorable, but it was poorly implemented (players can not hail the bunnies for quests, for example). The worst thing is that there are ways to work around the glitches to make sure you still get your quests, but people are too upset to figure out how.

    Personally, I have loved all of the creativity I’ve seen.

  4. I love silliness and creativity on April Fool’s Day. I do not like lies. The five examples you picked are all cool. Posting “Guess who’s preggers” on Facebook is not.

  5. April Fool’s Day can be all right and there are some good gags here and there (I especially liked the jokes from Blizzard), but I always think they overdo it on the internet. Sometimes it feels like you can’t go anywhere on this day without being bombarded with jokes.

  6. Hulu’s was nice. They made their site into a 1990’s internet homage, with multiple internal frames, a geocities and “under construction” logo, and heavily dithered graphics.

    Most of the time geeks being clever doesn’t work out as well, like a certain news site we all know and love.

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