Announcing the Monday Night Noob

As I near the end of my final semester of seminary, I’m starting to take a look at my schedule and make a few changes.  Basically, I want to be utilizing my time better and taking on a couple projects that have been bouncing around in my head for some time now.

One of those projects is something I’m calling the Monday Night Noob (feel free to make me a cool graphic for this, internet!).  As much as I love ping-ponging between LOTRO and RIFT, I really want to experience more in gaming and encourage myself to get out and try new things.

So every Monday evening I’ll be setting aside my mainstay games to try something completely new, a game I’ve never, ever played before.  Maybe it’s a recent one, or an oldie, an MMO or something else, but I want to give more titles a try.  I’ll be announcing my Monday Night Noob project that morning, and then have a follow-up post about my experience the next day.

As part of MNN, I really want to hear from you what you think I should try out.  The only rule is that it has to be a game I haven’t laid hands on previously, and if it’s free (or has a free trial), so much the better.  Also, I’m allowing for MNN games to woo me into playing past the one night; these aren’t necessarily one-shot events.

For my first MNN, I’m going to be dipping my toes into MOBAs with League of Legends.  I’ve downloaded the client and Snafzg — who pwns religiously in LoL — has sent me a long list of starter tips, so I’m digesting those and will give it a whirl.

Any tips from you guys?  And what games should I be looking at for future Monday Night Noob sessions?

12 thoughts on “Announcing the Monday Night Noob

  1. Guess I’ll repost my tips here in case other MNNewbies want to give it a whirl!

    Here are some helpful links: – My guild — join us!

    My advice would be to learn by playing the computer before diving into the “real” PvP:

    * Add Snafzg, Snafzu, Nazgum, Shadowwar, and Syncaine to your friends list
    * Play the first tutorial (gives you the basics)
    * Play the battle training tutorials (teaches more advanced gameplay)
    * Play 3-5 Co-op vs. AI matches (beginner) – play with real players vs. bots
    * Play 5-7 practice/custom games vs. other players (tell people you’re new in chat) – can be hard to find games sometimes because the interface sucks and some people will boot you, but keep at it
    * With 10+ games under your belt, you should be ready to play Normal games – you guys vs. them!
    * Don’t forget to train your masteries as you raise up in level – improve your char slightly
    * Forget about Runes for now… tier 1 and 2 are pretty useless. Save your IP for level 20+ runes
    * Try to avoid “leaving” active matches because your account will be punished for it if you get too many

    I think there are over 70 champions in this game, which is the biggest hurdle every new player must overcome. You’re going to face new champions all the time that do things you don’t expect them to, which will often cause your death. 😛 Don’t worry — it’s a learning process.

    My best advice would be to play your first 10 games trying out new champions so you can figure out what they are capable of. There are 10 free champions per week, so this should be easy. Eventually though, you need to pick ~3 favourites and put some time into learning them. I would suggest an ability power champ, an attack damage champ, and a tank. This will allow you to play whatever your team needs, which improves your odds for success. Team balance is less important with 5 random newbies, but as you get higher in level it becomes very important.

    Also, don’t get too discouraged by losses. This is a team game and the best team wins. You can play very well but if your team drags you down you’ll lose. You just have to roll with it… and remember that you learn much more from a loss than you do a win.

    You really don’t need to spend a penny on this game. The only things you can’t get with IP (earned from playing games) are bundles, XP/IP boosts, and champion skins, and none of these things are necessary. I played with the weekly free champions for about a month before I started buying champions I really liked with IP.

    My prediction is that you’ll absolutely love the variety LOL has to offer — it’s truly amazing for someone with alt-itis like you, heh. Even after 350+ normal games I’m still learning new champs, strategies, and counters.

    The main thing you’ll dislike is the “hardcore” PvP elements of this game that can often bring out the worst in people. You’ll see lots of raging in chat. The /ignore command is your friends, and remember you can always report them for harassment after a game by right-clicking their profile name in the stats summary.

    Good luck, summoner! 😉

  2. When I was reading the setup for MNN, I was thinking, “I wonder if he would try out LoL?” I am addicted to League of Legends it is alot of fun. I suggest a couple of custom games to learn the champion skills of whoever you choose to play. Ashe is common choice for a newer player. has decent guides, but I have found that is best to read a fwe guides them make your determination based on your own skill and play style. Summoner name is Rothmog if you need any advice, but I am EST.

  3. Ah cool Syp is trying LoL too; feel free to add me, Nazgum, I play with Snafzg often; he usually drags our team down, total dead weight tower diver; but then when we win he goes all “ohnomnomnom” noob rage on the enemy team and its all worth it.

    For actual tips, play a ranged champion first, much easier to get started; and forget playing against the computer, just dive in with people; they rank you with other low level players at the start so its easy to learn

  4. Snafzg suggest caution, but I’m with Nazgum. But I’m a blood-thirsty maniac who wants to make other people die. It’s no fun if I’m not beating someone down.

    That said, as I tweeted to you earlier – don’t die. This one fundamental concept will do WONDERS for your team. Denying the other team of deaths not only ensures a constant gold/exp stream to you, denies the enemy of extra gold/exp, but also has psychological side effects as well. A large death count can be a huge motivator for the killer to keep pushing, and can be a hard hole to climb out of.

    Other than that, there’s a lot of the minutia of strategy involved, learning of item builds, intricacies of your leveling power-selection, and (most importantly) knowing your opponents capabilities.

    For example – last night I faced a champion I had previously considered useless (Mordenheim or something similar), he’s a big tanky, Chosen-looking guy with a morning star. He ended up owning face, and I had almost no concept on how to play against him, because I’d never actually seen anyone be even remotely affective behind the wheel of this champion.

    As said, feel free to add me to friends list, “Shadow War” I think is the particular spelling I used for LoL.

  5. Mordekaiser! Scary dude when played by someone competent. That can be said for all the champions though.

    I suggested a more cautious approach because I know Syp’s not as insane about PvP as we are. I didn’t want him logging in, getting instagibbed with zero concept of the game’s mechanics, and quitting with a sour face. Not saying he would… but I wanted to lessen the risk. 😉

    At the very least run the new player tutorial so you understand the basic controls and conept of how a game plays out. If you want to dive into normals after that, have at ‘er!

  6. And just on a personal note, I played about 15 custom games before I had enough courage to try normals when I first started. I was terrified of having more losses than wins on record, haha. Same goes for ranked games these days. I was literally shaking with adrenaline and fear when I queued up for my first ranked… It was like being backed into a corner by a pack of Warwicks.

  7. Just a day/evening – then I would probably not suggest some oldie MMOs.

    I am not so sure what you have played or not, so I just throw a few things out:

    1. Battlestar Galactica Online. SciFi browser-based MMO.

    2. Black Prophecy – still in beta on NA side, not sure how easy it is to get in that one on your side of the pond.

    3. Igowin – computer version of the board game Go with a small (9×9) board, good for beginners. Includes a tutorial on Go. Available for Windows and iPhone/iPad. (

    4. Minecraft

    5. Audiosurf

    6. Braid

    7. The Dream Machine ( Point&click adventure game.

    8. Vendetta Online (SciFi MMO)

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