Quote of the Day

“But the real “go f*** yourself” message to every gamer watching is when they start talking about her holding ‘the high score in virtually every massively multiplayer online role-playing game.’

The high score. You know, because these newfangled ‘online role-playing games’ the kids are talking about are basically Pac-Man, right? And it wasn’t enough to say she had the high score in one MMORPG, oh no. She holds the high score in virtually all of them. In a world where becoming even an average player in one game takes the same amount of time as a full-time job.”

~ Cracked.com re: NCIS

10 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. lol I also love the paragraph after it:

    “The thing is, I can almost understand the ridiculous portrayal of hacking earlier — most people haven’t hacked a computer. But there aren’t many places you can go in America where someone in the room hasn’t played an MMORPG. If you’re confused, fucking ask somebody, Mr. TV Writer. Because unless you’re performing your cop show live in the cafeteria of a nursing home, lots of your viewers are going to know you pulled a whole scene straight out of your ass.”

  2. There’s actually some eery truth and clarity in the dialog. I found it much more acceptable than other mainstream faux pas history has given us.

    If I were going to speak on the subject to a nation of millions, I’d probably choose similar wording.


  3. It’s funny, because one (alleged) writer of one of these shows has posted on IMDB how they enjoy writing this obvious BS when it comes to IT/gaming, just to troll people. Apparently there’s a bit of a sport to it. Which I honestly would like to believe. Most of these writers must be pretty tech savvy anyway.

  4. NCIS is really one of my favorite shows; but the dual-typing on the keyboard scene is at the top of my ‘doh’ list. I do agree that the writers are spoofing alot of these techy/geeky tropes for a laugh though. I love it.

  5. Great article! Thanks for sharing it! Might have to check cracked on the regular now.

  6. Thank you for linking to that Syp. I had a great laugh at all of their examples. The mind just boggles at the two folks one keyboard clip.

  7. Just another example of a crime show not doing its homework. My pet peeve in those shows is still the “enhance” magic function they use on digital photos…as if extracting information from a picture that isn’t in the picture is not only plausible (it’s impossible at our tech level) but takes only a fraction of a second. >_< I can only imagine how many investigators cringe and guffaw watching shows like this; they must be botching procedure and forensic possibility as well.

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