The Sype Fashion Show

I was fiddling with a new outfit for my Lore-master in LOTRO last night and thought, hey, I should bear my fashion sense to the world and show you everything I’ve cooked up for Sype.

The Default Look: I.e. “What Sype would look like if LOTRO didn’t have cosmetic outfits.”  Obviously, LOTRO does not excel with default armor unless you like looking like you lost a dare or are pledging a frat.

Outfit #1: This is probably my most favorite outfit — a classy getup that was inspired by the top hat I got from the Yule festival.  I tried to find as close to a tux that this game has and ultimately settled on the Ale Association robe and fingerless gloves.  It just works together and with my staff I look like a 1800s gentleman who’s out to knock sense into rapscallions.

Outfit #2: The classic Gandalf/wizard.  I particularly like the bent hat (which is some lowbie piece of armor) and the sage backpack with the odds and ends sticking out of it.  The clothes are dyed gray to look as unassuming as possible.

Outfit #3: The pimp.  He’s colorful, rich and dashing, perfect for the nights where I want to stun everyone with style as much as my skills.

Outfit #4: Raggedy Andy.  Lots of new Winter-home shabby clothes here, topped off with the Three Wolf Moon cape.  It’s silly and ugly and I really, really love it.

Outfit #5: I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK.  The well-worn tunic and pants is one of the few outfits in the game that looks like something we’d wear today, so I dyed it blue (to look like jeans), added a rust-colored hat and the black-dyed campaigner’s backpack.  Basic, but it feels comfy.

7 thoughts on “The Sype Fashion Show

  1. LOTRO was the first game to really sucker me into its wardrobe system. I had the same hat for my Loremaster as your outfit 2. But I replaced it with the Sun Hat from the last Spring Festival, with the pipe in the hatband. My other outfit for him uses the Paladin Took hat from the end of the firework quest series in the shire. It was the perfect style and color to match his cosmetic clothing, which also matches the blanket on his horse.

  2. Your gear outfit at the top is impressively hideous. Bravo! The hat alone would be enough to make anyone look like a tool. I often wonder if a lot of the hat designs in LoTRO aren’t some sort of odd joke that the costume designers decided to play on all of us.

  3. LOTRO really couldn’t survive without the appearance tabs, the armor is just often so completely hideous. I use cosmetic cover ups for all my characters because the armor itself just looks so bad.

  4. One thing I really wish they’d go ahead and add in one of these updates is cosmetic shields/weapons. Having the perfect outfit and then carrying around a lump of oddly shaped mystery metal because you need the shield’s stats is kinda saddening.

  5. For my Hobbit Guardian I kept several pieces of the beginner outfit cosmetically equipped up into my late teens when I finally got some proper chainmail/mesh-type armor.

    And I agree with Jonathan, I’d like to be able to cosmetically equip shields, too. Some of the shields look fantastic so you keep them for a while, then you finally get a decent upgrade only to equip it and say, “WTF is this???”

  6. The best looking Guardian shield I’ve had so far is the first one you can get from skirmish traders, at the lowest level. Blue with the horse on it. My guardian has a better one now, but I stuck that one in my vault chest I store cosmetics in, in the hope that someday they will come out with that feature. I plan to stick my Loremaster’s current staff in there when he upgrades, unless he gets a better looking one next round. We live in hope 😀

  7. Heh. Ambiguity, we love thee. “My guardian has a better one now” above means “My guardian has one with better stats now”, not better looking.

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