The results of the weekend LOTRO marathon

I almost forgot to write a quick follow-up to my announcement that I’d be powering through Moria on my Lore-master this past weekend, what with the double XP and all.

While I didn’t reach level 58, I got close; I went from 53.5 to 57.5 in four days, which is pretty dang respectable.  What’s even better is that I knocked out all of my Moria virtues, including 70 quests and a whole bunch of exploration deeds.

So really all I have left to do in the place is hit 58, finish 2.6.8 (at least) for one of my legendary traits, and get revered with the Iron Garrison Guards (I think I’m 25,000 points away from that).  Another week, and I should be free and clear of this place, crossed fingers and all.

I’m also starting to contemplate what to do with my other toons.  My captain is still waiting patiently in Enedwaith, and I really should finish that zone off and have her running dungeons more often.

I still do want to tinker with my completionist project — to do all of the solo quests in every zone with a character — but I think I’m going to restart it with a Hobbit Warden instead of the Minstrel.  I just can’t get that excited about a Minnie, and I think a Warden would be more interesting to spend that much time with.

And I know I haven’t talked about RIFT much, but I am still playing, and in fact plan to spend a lot of time getting my Mage up to 30 by the weekend.

3 thoughts on “The results of the weekend LOTRO marathon

  1. If I were going to complete every solo quest in every zone, I’m pretty sure I’d use a Warden as well; the class mechanics are fascinating and fresh in what seems to be a somewhat stale genre.

    I dunno about that whole hobbit thing though. Sounds a bit crazy to me. 😉

  2. Glad you’re still enjoying Rift, this blog was one of the reasons behind me checking it out and my Rogue is sitting in Gloamwood at level 25. It’s a great change of pace from WoW and I’m really enjoying it. My Sin/NB/BD may be a glass cannon but it is great fun to play.

  3. I made use of the double XP weekend to:

    1) Get my Loremaster from 27 to 30. Technically, the last 1400 xp of 30 came on Monday. I have my nice new tundra, onyx, and normal lynxes now. I’ve been holding onto the talisman recipes for the tundra and onyx forever waiting for him to get there. 🙂

    2) Got my dad’s champion from 26 to 27. His computer was unavailable so he asked me to put in a couple of hours on his toon while the xp was there.

    My LM was actually getting quad XP for part of that time, as I’d won a couple of xp boosters in the lottery as well, so I gave him a couple to reach my goal.

    My LM also has the anniversary horse as of last night, only because he was my first char to win 3 of the 10-token lotteries, so I did the bree and michel delving horse races one day and finished off with one more bree race yesterday to get the horse.

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