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Is RIFT simply… fun?

I can’t tell you how happy I am that we’re at the two-month mark in RIFT’s lifecycle, because an edge of the launch insanity is finally gone.  Oh, people are still crazy on both sides of the aisle and the forums are a dark pit where no sane thought can ever escape its grasp, but by all accounts the game is doing well, got very positive reviews, and — most importantly of all — is being enjoyed.

Not speaking for all players, as I’ve seen some who just don’t like or are bored with the game, but I’m pleased to see quite a few posts lately that say something to the effect of “It’s not the most revolutionary game in the world, but you know whatIt’s pretty fun and I’m enjoying myself thoroughlyReallyIndeed.”

I think that’s my attitude as well.  There’s nothing that’s turning me off of RIFT at all, and every time I log in I have a good time.  There’s always something to do, the soul system lets me fiddle with builds when I want to try a new combat style, and I’m progressing at a relaxed pace through the world.  I’m actually glad I’m not overly addicted to it, because I just want to ride these luxurious waves for a while instead of getting burned out.

Of course, one of my greatest hopes for the game is that Trion pours a lot more effort and attention into the dynamic event system to make it even more so.  While the River of Souls event ultimately plopped, I liked the fact that the new death rifts at least had different mechanics to them — it showed that there’s a lot more they can do with this system than we’ve seen already.  I’d also love for there to be more long-lasting effects from invasions on the world, up to and perhaps including attacks on the capital cities themselves.

I’m also very much looking forward to both the wardrobe and LFG systems coming in the next update.  It’ll be nice to tinker with my mage’s look (her purple robes are atrocious) and I really, really like the dungeons in this game.

15 thoughts on “Is RIFT simply… fun?

  1. Couldn’t agree more, you’ve pretty much summed up my experience so far. Attacks on capital cities would be awesome!

  2. I think what you mentioned there is a part of Rift’s success, you feel OK casually drifting through it almost. I don’t feel pressured to get to the end game, I can log in and spend a few hours doing some quests and be happy that that is all I have done. The pressures that were there in WoW to log in every day, grind out those dailies and run the Heroics for emblems is brilliantly absent from my gameplay now. I know that I can get some currencies from doing PvP or sealing Rifts but currently I do not feel compelled to do those things, if I want to I can and that makes me happy.

  3. I don’t play RIFT and certainly don’t want to put down anyone who’s enjoying it, but that capital cities thing is very reminiscent of WAR. ;P

  4. You sire, are so right.

    Still wish there was not this contingent of haters who need to talk Rift down for trying to emulate and innovate (David Bowie style) the current crop.

    As to the Death Rifts…the Werewolf in the light Rift was truly spectacular fun. Pull the Were’s, kill them off…and if not in the light, the rift would not advance…cool fun.

    I am in for the long haul, as I also am not at max level and am enjoying the play!

    Cheers for the link!

  5. As it is, the wardrobe system on PTS is garbage. You can only equip your calling’s armor class. If you’re a mage, well, you should be used to this. However, Rogues and Warriors are destined to wear their leather and plate right after stepping from the bath.

    Seriously, why bother putting such a system in at all if it’s going to be so restrictive? Because in PvP it would break the game if mages looked like they were wearing plate or warriors looked like they were wearing cloth? Oh noes?

    I realize that Monster Play is nowhere near the same, but did the wardrobe system break that? Pretty much all my characters regardless of class wear a hauberk. A mage and warrior wearing chain/cloth. Oh noes.

  6. @Starayo

    There is a huge diference between RIFT and WAR: RIFT is not a PvP centric game and the capital cities aren’t the end game (at WAR, to attack the capital cities is the end game). It is a diference that anyone that played RIFT know.

    @ Elementalist

    The last world event just showed us how Trion can create new rifts. The 1.2 version that will come soon will add new rifts. But I fear that we will see the same problem we had with the werewolf rifts:


    So, we will have rifts that are for defend a tower, rifts for defend a caravan and rifts for spawn a giant boss that will fight the enemy giant boss. And I am sure the morons will continue to be moronic…

  7. I’m enjoying Rift a lot. Not really played any other MMOs since headstart and still lots to do.

    Seems very busy still on the servers where I have my characters and people seem pretty happy.

  8. “I’m actually glad I’m not overly addicted to it, because I just want to ride these luxurious waves for a while instead of getting burned out.”

    I agree… I don’t know what happened on wow. But now… I feel no pressure to compromise fun at all.

    I just play.

  9. I have to say I agree with you.
    I’m still having fun in this game and I don’t see myself stopping to play this within the coming year.
    For now I’ve got the 6 month package deal, so I’ll be playing for that duration at least ^_^

  10. Having burned out on WoW with Cataclysm I’ll agree that Rift is simply good fun to play. It is so polished for a new game. I think the key to not once feeling a twinge of boredom or ‘this is the same old’ is for me to play Rift casually, while also playing some LoTRO again casually. I take neither game as my second job. So far so good!

  11. If the worst that someone can say about a game is that they don’t think it’s innovative enough, the game must be pretty good. Rift is good solid fun, and just different enough from other games on the market to feel fresh. Honestly, in a big budget MMO that’s pretty much what you should be shooting for. No-one sane will put a Rift/ WoW/ WAR budget behind a “hopeful monster.”

  12. Yay for positive blogging on Rift!! 😀

    It’s nice that there’s a AAA MMO released that has good press and is a solid product.

    I am loving the game even though I barely have time to play it. I am at level 46 and haven’t explored crafting yet but i am loving the Rifts, the questing and my Lock/Necro/Chloro build for leveling since it gives me survivability, DPS, CC and a tank pet to level smoothly. 🙂

  13. RIFT for me was a great enjoyment for the 1st month after that things slowly became repetitive, in my eye. It a great game with many unique dynamics. But sadly it didn’t fully got me into it.

    But cool that so many people enjoy it this much =)

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