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Link Love!

I’ve been meaning to throw out some love to a few specific sites lately, so here goes!

First of all, my mother (who’s also a freelance journalist) asked if I’d promote the blog for her company, Web Writers.  It’s mostly geared toward companies, but there’s some good stuff on here for bloggers too!  And if you happen to be a representative for a company that could use professional writers to help beef up your online profile, give them a call.

Next up, a couple fellow bloggers have some published works on Amazon that I’d recommend you check out.  Epic Slant’s Ferrel wrote The Guild Leader’s Companion, which is an excellent resource for guild leadership in MMOs.  It’s on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Our good friend Professor Beej has a couple short stories available on Amazon Kindle for you to check out (and they’re only 99 cents each — a steal!): Foggy Memories and Just Another Day.

Finally, if you haven’t been aware of my other site, Mutant Reviewers From Hell, or haven’t visited lately, we’ve been pumping out excellent cult movie and TV articles on a daily basis for over 12 years now.  Recently we’ve covered First Knight, Sunday, The Great Outdoors, Beetle Juice and Grown Ups.

/shameless plugs over!

One thought on “Link Love!

  1. Thank you kindly Syp! I greatly appreciate the plug. Hope to see you in person again sometime soon at a con near us all!

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